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Facebook Messenger for Windows Phone Gets an Update, Superior Control Over Groups and Chats Added


Facebook Messenger is a product of Facebook and what this app does is to let Facebook users exchange text, voice, video and photo messages instantly as well as make free voice and video calls.

This is an amazing application that Facebook knew it had to force the users into using it. But how did this happen? Well, what Facebook did was to simply remove the chat services from its Facebook mobile app, which meant that the users had to download and install Facebook Messenger in order to access the chat services.

In this way, people who enjoyed the chat services of the mobile app quickly jumped onto this platform, quickly making it their own and listing it as their top service provider as far as instant messaging is concerned. The app has been gaining more and more popularity over the recent past, thanks to the many new features and services that have been creeping in. For instance, just recently, Facebook added the ability to make free video calls to Messenger app.

This service was previously not available, with the app offering users with free voice calling services only. However, now that there is an added ability to enjoy one-on-one chats that are also live; millions have already jumped onto this platform, hiking the number of users to more than 600 million people in less than 3 or so years. Another feature that has just come in is the Messenger Platform which allows for the addition or rather use of third party apps from within this application.

Facebook Messenger for Windows Phone offers better control over chats

Windows Phone users have on numerous occasions been looked down upon by many developers. Usually, updates are rolled out for those using Android and iOS since these are perhaps the most dominant operating systems. There are also some arguments that the design of the Windows Phone OS does not favor many developers, which leaves them shying off this Microsoft-based mobile OS.

However, it seems the latest version 10 of Facebook Messenger is coming in with a welcome update for this group of users. The update brings to the fold better control over Messenger conversations. It is now possible for one to access or view more details about a conversation as well as adjust several settings of the same conversations. To view the Facebook profile of your friends will no longer require you to go through the Facebook mobile app or the PC client; instead, a simple tap on a user will reveal their Facebook profile to you.

Enhanced notification settings

The latest Facebook Messenger for Windows Phone also comes in with enhanced settings for notifications. Furthermore, there is much better control over groups where it is now possible to edit the name of a group or even change the photo of any group they are in. Stickers have also seen their share of improvements where they will now be loading much faster and in a more reliable manner.

There is no doubt that these updates will be a huge welcome among the users of Facebook Messenger on the Windows Phone devices. To get this update, head over to the official Windows Store and download it for free.