The past one year has been hectic for Apple and its devices as many users have constantly raised issues over the Wi-Fi connectivity problems they face with their iPhones and Macs.

Since the release of iOS 8, these issues have been growing day and night, especially on iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. However, it seems Apple is finally going to clean its own backyard and come up with better functioning Wi-Fi services for iPhone users.

The same Wi-Fi issues that have been faced by those on iOS 8 devices have also been felt by those on Mac OS X Yosemite, which was also released last year. There have been thousands of Apple users directing their frustrations to the company’s support forum, which is why Apple is rolling out the fixes secretly.

Apple changes in DNS services of OS X Yosemite are the root of Wi-Fi issues

When Apple rolled out OS X Yosemite last year, there were some changes as well as improvements. Even though the positive improvements and changes outshined the negative ones, the latter ones remain to be a pain in the neck for many Apple users.

What exactly happened was that Apple decided to ditch its most trusted DNS software known as mDNSResponder for managing Mac networking processes in favor of a new process known as discoveryd. While there is no particular reason that Apple cited as to why they decided to drop the previous process in favor of a new one, the new update looked very likely to have some close associations with the Airdrop to iPhone feature, which was also included in the update. The new discoveryd process comes with a different programming language (C++) from that of the mDNSResponder, which featured in C language.

This change in Apple’s OS configuration has been at the center of the Wi-Fi issues being experienced by Mac users. Other issues include slow reconnection after coming from sleep, slow loading of pages, random crashes, among others.

Secret fixes rolling out

Apple has been trying to fix this issue with networking on Mac devices, but in vain. In fact, the company has tried this on three occasions and none of them was successful. Just recently, a new beta version of this OS was released and this is OS X 10.10.4. One interesting discovery about this beta version is that the discoveryd process is no longer there. While some thought this was some sort of mistake, the older mDNSResponder made its way back to the OS’s later beta builds, including the latest version, which is OS X 10.11.

At the WWDC, it was made clear that iOS 9 will not be using discoveryd, which means that when the OS comes in full later this year, it will be a goodbye to Wi-Fi issues on Macs.

These changes will bring life to users of iPhones and Macs as the new iOS 9 and Mac OS X will have dropped the buggy process that was the root of these Wi-Fi connectivity issues.

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