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Preview: Android L vs. Android M – Which is the Best OS?


At Google I/O 2015, we got the first glimpse of Android’s next version – the recently upgraded mobile operating system for smartphones and tablets.

Although, the new operating system is still being worked out with several changes expected till the formal launch later this year, for now we will provide a developer’s preview of what to expect of the update. While the update on the Android 5.0 Lollipop is still doing the rounds, here’s an insight into the various features of Android M compared to Android L.


When it comes to the look and feel of the two, there hasn’t been much of a change in terms of the design. Android M keeps the material design intact; however, there are a few tweaks that have been conducted such that there is a change in the microphone icon now located at the bottom-left of the lock screen. This facilitates performing a voice search or command prompt quickly. The other change to the interface is the app menu that now appears vertically. The apps are arranged in alphabetical groups such that you can easily scroll to reach the specific letter. A new top bar displays the most recently used apps.

Data storage fields are segregated into two so that it gets easier to check the maximum as well as the average RAM space used. Format the SD card easily so that managing the internal space gets easier. The new DND (Do Not Disturb) feature is an upgrade from the previous operating system. It is not possible to rearrange the quick settings, but you can always edit the same with the Developer Mode or the System UI Turner switched on.

Android Pay

An exclusive feature of the newly launched Android Pay competes with the Apple Pay and Samsung Pay already in the market. With this new feature, buyers can simply pay for things without the need to open an app. In fact, at the launch, Google claimed that the feature that uses NFC will be accepted across various stores located in the USA very soon. But, there is no information regarding its validity in other markets globally.

Google Pay offers customers with the facility to choose which card to pay from. Also, your account information will not be disclosed during transactions. The feature uses a virtual account number to represent your details, which essentially adds up an extra layer of security.

App Permissions

Most apps out there seek way more information than necessary, which eventually appears excessively decisive. With the new Android M the control gets into the user’s hands such that only when permission is granted can certain requests be performed during runtime. Hence, it becomes simpler to manage individual apps in the settings.

Fingerprint Scanners

Android M comes with a native fingerprint support that enhances the security of Android Pay that allows the users to confirm a purchase using the fingerprint. The app authorizes your validity across a range of devices and sensors.

Battery Life

A better battery life always provides great support to the device. A feature Doze in Android M puts it into sleep mode when not in use. It is still easier to receive vital notifications that increase your battery life, which is the reason why Android M has been running on Nexus 9.

Now on Home

With Android M Google aims to make things much better. The Now on tap button enables you to let Google Now appear for your help whenever you press and hold the home button. The feature appears without the need to open a new browser to search. The app automatically displays search results instantly as it already knows what you’re looking for.

The Verdict

Android M is still to get a full launch and till then we can see that these few tweaks are already quite promising. For now all we can say is that Google’s Android M is surely going to create a buzz on its release. We’ll keep you updated with all upcoming news regarding the operating system until then.