Skype Messenger and Viber free calling are two apps that fall under one roof – mobile instant messaging apps.

However, these two are more than that and in fact; their functionality and features are very different, just like their names.

Skype and Viber are apps that will ease your communication woes. You can send and receive free messages to any person who is also using the app and you have their contact. All you need to use both the apps for free is a suitable internet connection. Furthermore, both the apps allow the users to create profiles as well as make voice and video calls. The users of these two apps have no issues when it comes to connecting with the non-users of the apps. There are provisions for calling these people on their mobile phone numbers or landlines at very affordable rates, much better than what your carrier would offer.

Ease of use

There is no doubt that these two apps are not very hard to use even if you are not that tech savvy. When talking about the layout, there is very little difference between Skype and Viber. However, differences start creeping in when it comes to setting up an account on either of them.

To setup a Viber account, you need a phone number which must then be verified for it to become your user name or ID. The app then scans your phonebook and adds contacts automatically, saving you the hassle of having to manually do the job. You can clearly see those contacts, who already use the app and you can start chatting with them for free. Another good side of Viber is that no passwords are needed whenever you want to check in.

Skype on the other hand is a lot different, asking the users to provide an email address, a username and a password upon signing up. Skype, unlike Viber which automatically adds contacts to the app, will require that you know the usernames of your friends before you can manually add them to the app’s list of contacts. This is definitely time-consuming.

Cost of usage

The Viber free calling app is totally free. There is no charge involved in sending messages and making calls to any other user. Downloading and installing it does not also ask for any cash, however, as noted earlier, there are charges involved when it comes to making calls to landlines and mobile numbers without a Viber account. To use this service, you will have to sign up for ViberOut by purchasing credits on the app’s website, which will be used to bill the calls affordably.

Just like Viber, Skype is also free to use. The application will not charge you a dime for making voice and video calls as well as sending messages to any other user. Furthermore, users of Android and iOS can easily get it from the specific app stores for free. Skype offers the same service of calling non-users of the app like Viber does, only that Skype’s is known as SkypeOut. Users will also require buying credit from the Skype website in order to use this service in making affordable voice and video calls.

Data usage

Using VoIP services has become a very common thing today thanks to these two apps – Skype and Viber. This is booming because VoIP services are generally less costly than using SMS and normal phone calls. To make things even better, using the VoIP services on mobile phones is a lot cheaper than using it on desktops. However, you can skip any costs of making calls on these apps by using Wi-Fi connections instead of mobile data. If you choose to use mobile data, then you’ll need to subscribe to a suitable data plan from your carrier.

In general, Viber offers a cheaper platform to make VoIP calls than Skype. On the other hand, the quality you get with Skype is nothing comparable to what Viber offers, which is why the former consumes more data than the latter.

Final thoughts

Both Viber and Skype are amazing apps for internet communication. However, it is true to say that both apps are worth being downloaded and installed on a single device thanks to the diverse features they bring forth. Better still, you can opt for Skype when it comes to making calls on PCs and go for Viber when it comes to mobile devices. At the end of the day, the decision will still rest with you.

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