We’re pretty sure that gamers have been waiting for quite a while. Well, since yesterday, Steam Summer Sale has started and, as expected, it came with some great price reductions.

If you’re not sure what games you want to buy, then this article might come in handy, as we’re going to list a few games that are under huge discounts for the Steam Summer Sale.

Valkyria Chronicles

This game was exclusively for PlayStation 3, but now it has been released for Windows PC as well. The game is a turn-based strategy RPG game that comes with some nice art style. Currently, this game is sold for 4.99 dollars, which means that its price has been cut off to 75%.

Tales from the Borderlands

Tales from the Borderlands is the fifth part of the game series and it has been developed by the creators of The Walking Dead: A Telltale Games Series. Since this game was firstly released for PlayStation 3, it comes with full controller support and some great steam achievements. The game has some nice characters and the dialogues are quite funny. This game is currently sold for 12.49 dollars which is only 50% of its original price.

Metro Redux Bundle

If you are into first person shooter games, then Metro Redux Bundle might be the best purchase for you. The bundle comes with Metro 2033 Redux game and Metro: Last Light redux it costs 9.99 dollars, which is around 80% cheaper. Unfortunately, these two games don’t have a multiplayer mode game, so you will need to fight against AI only. The game runs on Windows, Linux and OS X.

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

This game doesn’t have good graphics, but it is quite funny and it seems that there are more and more people who are playing it. You will need to enter rooms full with monsters, dodge them and eventually kill them. The game looks pretty simple, but there are some rooms that are full of monsters and your brain can barely handle all the actions that are happening in there. The game is available for Windows PC, Steam OS, Linux and OS X. The game is currently being sold for 7.50 dollars which is a great price since that’s almost half the original price.

Surgeon Simulator: Anniversary Edition

The Surgeon Simulator is a pretty good game that allows you to make surgical procedures. However, even if it’s not the best simulator game out there, it’s pretty decent and it is fun playing. At least, after playing it, you will know where all your intern organs are located. The game is available for Windows PC, Stream OS, Linux and OS X.

Currently, the game is sold for 2.59 dollars which is 80% off the original price.

Steam’s Monster Summer Game

Valve implemented a minigame system which allows you to unlock additional games. For example, by working together with Steam community, you will be able to unlock daily sales that run only for 48 hours, each. Currently, there are over 1.48 million people playing this minigame, trying to reach the daily milestone.

They’ve already unlocked Crysis 2 that can currently be bought by only 4.40 dollars, which is 78% cheaper than the original price.

Have you played Steam’s Monster Summer Game yet? On what deals you’ve worked to unlock while playing this game?

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