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Viber for Chromebooks Now Available for Free Download – Free Messaging and Calling


Viber is not a new name in the VoIP industry.

This application began its operations in 2010 and today, it is a leading provider of free voice and video calling as well as instant messaging services.

In line with the tough competition that exists in the internet communication niche today; Viber keeps improving day and night; rolling out new features and services that attract more users and retaining the current ones. To use the app, all one needs is an internet connection and that’s all. The good part of it is that it can make use of Wi-Fi or even mobile data connections. Viber is a free to download and install app, which means you won’t be asked to pay anything for getting the app installed on your device or even using it for a lifetime.

Just recently, Viber rolled out updates that enabled mobile phone users to start enjoying free video calls. In the past, this feature was only available for the application’s PC users, which kind of frustrated the millions who use it on the go. Now that the app has completely integrated the video calling ability in all mobile platforms of the app, it has moved on to the next step, which is rolling out the version for Google’s Chromebooks.

Viber free download and install on Google Chromebook

All the users of Chromebooks can now enjoy the services of Viber on this amazing device from Google. This comes in as no surprise considering the fact that Viber is forcing its way into almost every platform as a way of tackling its lack of huge popularity when compared to apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

Chrome OS is the latest platform to receive a version of Viber. At the moment, it seems the users of these gadgets can immediately download the messenger and start enjoying text, voice as well as video chats with the other users of the app. Viber free calling app is cross-platform, which means that regardless of the device in use, one can still keep in touch with other people on other devices as long as they have installed the app.

Viber to Viber calls are free, landline numbers are billed

Chromebook users will still be able to make free voice and video calls to any other person while at the same time use the ViberOut feature to make affordable calls to the non-users of the app on landlines.

To use the ViberOut feature, one must first of all purchase Viber credits from the official website of the app. This credit will then be billed during calls to non-users of the app on landlines and mobile phone numbers.

How to get Viber for Chrome OS

Viber, as noted earlier, is available as a freeware. However, the app comes in with a number of in-app purchases that range from $1 to around $40 each. However, most of these purchases only require a one-time fee and then they can be used for a life time, for instance, stickers.

If you are on a Chromebook, simply visit the Chrome Web Store and you’ll get the latest version of Viber, which is freely available for download and installation. However, you must first of all be using the application on your mobile phone before you can set it up on your Chromebook.