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WhatsApp 2.12.40 Beta Free Download and Install on Nokia Lumia 920 – Free Voice Calling Enabled


WhatsApp 2.12.40 beta is the latest version for the Windows Phone devices.

This version was released towards the end of last month and with it there comes the most awaited feature – WhatsApp voice calling – enabled.

Even the latest version of WhatsApp for Windows Phone comes enabled with the voice calling feature; this service is still available only for beta testers of the app. If you own a Nokia Lumia 920, it is time you tried the voice calling feature of WhatsApp on your phone. However, don’t get very excited, as this application is currently not available for updating directly from the Windows Phone Store. Rather, users must first of all sign up for the WhatsApp beta testing program before they can be allowed to download and install this Windows Phone version of the messenger.

The Nokia Lumia 920 was actually the first flagship smartphone Microsoft rolled out immediately after acquiring the services of Nokia. However, don’t expect any new smartphone flagship from Microsoft until after the launch of the Windows 10 Mobile, later in the year. Before we can direct you on how to install and setup WhatsApp on your Lumia 920 smartphone, here is a closer look at this app.

Features of WhatsApp for Windows Phone

WhatsApp for Windows Phone is not that different from the ones available for Android and iOS, apart from the fact that the latter two have stable voice calling feature of the app. The other features remain the same throughout all platforms.

The first thing you must know about WhatsApp is that it only uses the internet to connect you with friends and family and nothing more. In case of making WhatsApp voice calls on your Lumia 920, you’ll need a better internet connection, say 3G or 4G. Better still, you can look for a Wi-Fi hotspot and connect using this service, which will save you from the need of buying or subscribing for data bundles.

When you install the application on your Nokia Lumia 920 for the first time, you will be offered with a one-year trial period. Once this period expires, you must pay for the app in order to keep using it. There is however no one-time fee for the app; the users must incur an annual fee of $0.99, which is quite affordable even for the low earners.

Downloading and installing WhatsApp 2.12.40 beta on Nokia Lumia 920

To download and install the latest version of WhatsApp 2.12.40 beta on your Nokia Lumia 920 smartphone, you have no option but to sign up for the beta testing program. Once you are a member of this program, WhatsApp will grant you the permission to download and install the current beta version and any other future beta version.

The application will require your phone number for setting up an account. Keep in mind that the number must be verified before it is assigned to you as your ID. In this line, an SMS will be sent to the number with a verification code that must be provided for the setup to complete.

There is nothing to worry about when it comes to adding contacts. The app will do the job for you and you can start chatting with friends on WhatsApp. Other than using messages to chat, this version now includes the ability to make WhatsApp voice calls for free.

Have you used WhatsApp 2.12.40 beta on your Nokia Lumia 920? Tell us your thoughts on this app and the quality of the voice calling feature.