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WhatsApp 2.12.44 Download For Windows Phone – Save MP3 Files In The Picture Folder


It’s a bit unfair that WhatsApp’s developers don’t focus much on the Windows Phone platform, because Android and iOS have priority, but it was a big surprise to see a new beta version with a few new features.

The reason why WhatsApp’s developers are rarely releasing new versions for Windows Phone is not necessarily because of the smaller number of active users, but because this platform encountered many issues since this application became available and many of the issues haven’t been addressed yet.

However, recently, a new beta of WhatsApp for Windows Phone has been released and it’s downloadable from the official website of this application. After the users will test the 2.12.44 beta version, WhatsApp will come with a stable version which will be uploaded on the Windows Phone store. But, don’t expect to find an impressive collection of new features, because the developers already made experiments on Android, iOS and BlackBerry and these platforms are way ahead of Windows Phone when it comes to additions.

Luckily, the awaited Voice Calling feature was finally added to WP, but it’s currently in beta and will be available to the general public in short time. So, what new features will you find on WhatsApp 2.12.44 beta for Windows Phone?

The users are now able to display in-app notifications, which means that if they miss calls or messages, they will be shown at the top of the application. Moreover, if they are hiding secrets and don’t want to let their partners find out that they received voice calls from a suspicious person, they can delete those calls. Also, the call button was moved in the application’s bar, being now the third button.

Another major feature is the possibility to save mp3 files in the Pictures folder, but the users must install a file explorer application, because, otherwise, the files won’t be recognized by the Music app.

WhatsApp is a free application only in the first year of use. After the trial ends, a small fee of 0.99 dollars will be applied annually, to extend the availability of the account.