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WhatsApp is Free to Download and Use for the First One Year


WhatsApp Messenger is a $1 app that is very easy to download and use.

If you love sending messages, then WhatsApp is just what you need, since this app will ensure that the experience you get is unmatched. Furthermore, you’ll be sure of doing away with your regular phone call bills thanks to the newly introduced WhatsApp voice calling feature.

Another very interesting aspect of WhatsApp is that it allows the users to exchange messages without incurring any cost. In essence, you will be sending your messages and making voice calls for free. WhatsApp is not the only app offering users with such amazing services at no cost. There are others like Skype, Line, Viber and Kik, which are equally amazing at what they do. However, WhatsApp is on another level with its instant messaging services and now that the users can make voice calls, it spells a new era for this app.

WhatsApp Messenger is a cross-platform app

WhatsApp Messenger has more than 800 million active followers. This is a huge figure for an app that has just recently introduced the voice calling service. However, one thing that favors this app is that it is a cross-platform application. Using the messenger, it is possible to connect with friends and family in other countries, regardless of the mobile network they are using. Furthermore, this application can be installed on a variety of mobile operating systems and communicating with the users on each of the OSs is not an issue at all.

The messages that WhatsApp allows the users to exchange are more than SMS. Users can send texts, videos, photos as well as audio recordings to anyone as long as the file does not exceed 16MB, which is the limit allowed by the app. As also noted, it is now possible to make WhatsApp voice calls to anyone using the app. However, the feature is currently working on Android, BlackBerry and iOS. Those on Windows Phone can get a beta version of WhatsApp 2.12.40, which has come in the voice calling feature for the first time on this platform.

WhatsApp UI is simple to use

WhatsApp’s population increase is largely attributed to the simplicity of the app. From the time the download process starts to the time you start using the app, you’ll notice that this application is very simple to use. Navigating the app is also very easy as everything is clearly pointed out right from the home page.

WhatsApp will give you a list of contacts that are currently using the app. These contacts are not generated by the app; rather, the app searches your phone book and identifies the numbers that are registered with it. These are the people you can start chatting with once the app is setup on your phone. WhatsApp users can enjoy group conversations with members not exceeding 100, which is not bad for any group discussion or team communication.

Chat with friends using WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp recently introduced a PC client known as WhatsApp Web. This service is available on PCs; however, it requires your phone in order to work. Better still, it has enabled the users of the app to eliminate the dependence they had on phones when it came to using the app. To use it, you need to be using Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry or Nokia. Furthermore, you must also install Chrome, Opera or Firefox in order to access the web page at

Launch WhatsApp on your phone and find the WhatsApp Web option. Simply tap on it and then scan the QR code that appears on the open web page on your PC. You will be logged into WhatsApp Web and you can start having your conversations on a PC. Remember, you must keep both devices connected to the internet in order for this to work; otherwise, the messages won’t appear on your PC.

WhatsApp is free for only one year

WhatsApp is a very cool app when it comes to internet communication. In fact, you can hardly miss someone to chat with on WhatsApp when you sign up. There are good chances that a number of your friends are already on the platform. One thing that perhaps you should know before joining the platform is that WhatsApp Messenger is only free to use for the first one year. The second and subsequent years will attract a charge of $0.99, which is very affordable, considering the amount you’ll save just from using this app for communication purposes.

If you haven’t jumped onto this bandwagon, it is time you consider getting the latest stable version from the official app store of your phone.