WhatsApp and Viber are two very closely related apps that are competing for the same market.

Both messengers can be used to send and receive instant messages as well as make free calls to other users of the apps.

These two have been at the heart of eliminating text messages as a means of day to day communication. The two applications can both be downloaded and installed on Android, iOS, Windows Phone as well as BlackBerry smartphones. In sending instant messages, you can include texts, videos, audio notes as well as pictures. Both Viber and WhatsApp can be used on PCs and tablets as well.

Having said that, here is a look at how WhatsApp free download compares to Viber free download as far as internet communication is concerned.

Ease of use

There is no doubt that WhatsApp is the easier of the two when it comes to usage. To set it up, you’ll need to have a phone number. Once this is done, you’ll notice that all or some of the names that appear in your phonebook are now appearing in the Contacts section of the app. These are the numbers that have an account on WhatsApp and as such, you can go ahead and start chatting with them. WhatsApp is linked to a SIM card number, which means that it can only be used on one device.

Viber presents a similarly simple UI, be it on a phone, tablet or PC. However, there are too many icons on the home page of Viber, which can be quite confusing for the first time. However, once you get used to it, the whole thing becomes very easy. Just like WhatsApp, the Viber free calling app will need your phone number to set up. The setup will scan your phonebook and add all contacts to the app.

Even though both apps seem to have a simple and easy to use UI, Viber looks a little sophisticated when compared to WhatsApp’s simple and straightforward nature.

Quality of calls

Viber and WhatsApp are two apps used for VoIP services. A comparison of the two would not be complete if there is nothing to showcase about their calling abilities. WhatsApp voice calling is very effective when on 3G and 4G networks. However, it turns into a disaster when on 2G networks. However, the fact that these calls can even go through on such a poor network is in itself an achievement for the app.

This is true because Viber will only connect when the quality of bandwidth is excellent. In other words, it is not possible to launch a Viber free call when on a 2G network. Nevertheless, the quality of calls you get with this app is much better than WhatsApp even when in the best conditions of internet connections. However, this can be attributed to the fact that WhatsApp voice calls are barely half a year old since inception.

The HD-quality sound that Viber offers makes it a standout between the two as far as quality of calls is concerned. The same HD quality is exhibited across the video calling platform, where the pictures you receive during live video chats are unmatched.  Viber also lets the users keep in touch with the non-users through affordable calls billed via the ViberOut feature.

Cost of usage

WhatsApp is not a completely free app like Viber free download. The former is only free to download and install. However, using it only remains free for the first one year, after which you must pay $0.99 per year to keep using it. There are, however, no ads on both the apps; ads can be an annoying feature especially in free apps. Viber will ask for no extra costs and you can use it for free for life.


WhatsApp and Viber are two very similar apps. As you may have noted, they keep following each other when it comes to the features and platforms compatibility. The fact that the two apps can be used on mobile phones, tablets, desktops and laptops makes them very much accessible.

WhatsApp Web is the PC and tablet client that the WhatsApp users use to access the services of this messenger on these devices. However, unlike Viber which comes with a native app for each of its platforms, WhatsApp went for a web client when it comes to using it on PCs and tablets. On the losing end, WhatsApp Web does not bring the full potential of WhatsApp to the desktops or tablets like Viber does; instead, it limits the usage to only messaging services.

Final verdict

Both Viber and WhatsApp are amazing apps for instant messaging and VoIP services. In fact, they are very similar that it is almost impossible to tell which of the two is better. However, going by the numbers, it is obvious that WhatsApp is the better app as it has over 800 million followers compared to Viber’s 500 million.

In most cases, people install Viber just because of the HD-quality calls it offers, the video calling capability as well as a huge collection of stickers and the recently introduced Viber Games and Public Chats. But since Facebook bought WhatsApp, it has been stepping up its features and in the end, users might find no more reasons to download and install Viber.

The ultimate decision of which app to use still rests with you!

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