Google Play is flaunted with new games every day. Just to make sure that you do not end up downloading the one you should not, we provide you quick reviews on several games that should deserve your mobile data packets. We have bought to you another list of top Android games that are still hot in 2015 or were produced in the said year.

Marvel Contest of Champions

This game features some famous Marvel characters ever. It is one of those fighting games that you have been waiting for. Due to its Control-Precision, Marvel Contest of Champions is the best fighting game out there. Controls are very fluid and responsive. Swiping your finger and thumb into certain motion will bring out range of perfectly animated attacks and you do not have to connect any annoying on-screen control to play with it. But you do need to have a device that has updated specs for smooth graphics and gameplay.

Frozen Synapse

Frozen Synapse was a classical game for PC and now available for Android. It is a squad based game, and turn based game that will provide you a tactical team of soldiers to fight your way into single player campaign or with other player in its astounding multiplayer mode. Frozen Synapse brings a lot of new dimensions to turn based game by having both turns occurs simultaneously. It has plenty of navy encounters as well that deals in complex decision making and second guessing. Its multiplayer forum is the best available so far. All these wonderful features can be bought against a menial price of $2.99.

Dungeon Hunter 5

Dungeon Hunter 5 is a sequel introduced by Gameloft. It is considered as one of the best hack n slash games currently available at Google Play for you to download. It has many gaming modes including single player campaign, cooperative gameplay, and asynchronous multiplayer. You can choose from 46 piece of armor, 150 different types of swords, axes and a lot more. This game has great reviews posted by many users that made it qualify to this list.

Angry Birds Stella POP

Angry Birds is going to break records of releasing sequels. Here we have yet another fresh Angry Birds release called Stella POP which is latest by now from Rivo. But Rivo has bought some nice changes into the theme; this means no more throwing birds at the pigs hidden under their strongholds, but this time you have a pretty nice bubble shooter that you use to match and pop bubbles of same color scoring more points. It has special pops and boosts for added bubble popping power.


If you like word games like Scrabble, you are definitely going to love Wordathon. This game is equipped with a comprehensive dictionary that will let you identify the common words and obscures that you missed. With its leaderboard, you can compare your score with other players worldwide. This app will not only identify the correct word but will also let you know the detailed meaning of that particular word. You can also get a view on lifetime summary from home screen.


HayDay is yet another remarkable effort from Supercell. After the popularity and success of Clash of Clans, HayDay has grabbed attention of gamers who love to cultivate their virtual farms. This will let you grow and customize your very own farm with number of crops and plantations. Be friend with your neighbors so they send you gifts and donations. It has a roadside shop to fulfill your orders and deliver them by truck or a steamboat. Just like Clash of Clans, HayDay offers a number of opportunities and possibilities to its players.

OverKill 3

An action packed game from renowned developers Cranbells has bought attention of many. This game has followed up its previous quite successful editions. OverKill 3 gives your hands on an Arsenal that is totally customizable with guns ranging from classic shotguns, assault rifles, sniper rifles and machine guns. Is it not enough? This game has crossed limits by introducing super powered futuristic firearms that your arsenal can bank on. Its hardcore graphics are a must that made this game addictive for hours.

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