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Apple iPhone 6S Camera Rumors – Selfie Snapper with Flash and Slow Motion Videos


The rumors for the next flagship by Apple continue to pile up.

The latest rumor regarding the camera of the iPhone 6S suggests that Apple is serious about getting back the crown “best camera phone”. Samsung and LG topped the iPhone 6 Plus with their Galaxy S6 and G4 models, but it is now Apple’s turn to vow customers. And judging by the early reports, the Cupertino based company might do just that.

Front Facing Camera Rumors

According to several reports, the front facing camera of the iPhone 6S should be bumped up to 5-MP in raw power. However, the accessories are what will make the selfie snapper even better. Rumors suggest a front facing LED flash, which would be the first between the flagship devices on the market. Additionally, the iPhone 6S will be able to record full HD 1080p videos with the front camera, as well as 240fps slow motion videos. The front facing camera could also be used for panorama pictures.

Rear Camera Rumors

At the moment, there are not many reports about the rear camera of the iPhone 6S. All the rumors are based on assumptions and they suggest a 13-MP sensor on the back. Apple is surely expected to bump the rear camera, since it hasn’t improved the raw power of the sensor in years, but just how much, we will have to wait and see.

Flagship Comparison

While the front facing camera of the iPhone 6S sure sounds excellent, it will be on the same level as the Android flagships. For example, the Samsung Galaxy S6 also has a 5-MP sensor on the front and can record up to QHD videos at 2560 x 1440 pixel resolution. The downside is that it cannot capture slow motion videos. The LG G4, on the other hand, has an 8-MP sensor on the front, which offers the best raw power and captures the most details. However, neither phone has LED flash on the front, except for the iPhone 6S. Additionally, Apple’s phones and their cameras always have “mediocre” specs on paper, but in reality, they deliver amazing photos and videos.