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Free Clash of Clans Download for Unlimited Fun – No Need to Remember the Rivals


No matter how many games you play, you cannot wait until you battle in the Clash of Clans.

Topping the charts from the day it entered the game store, Clash of Clans has glued its every player to the screen. You have to remember every clan for future attack. However, with its latest update, you can bookmark and do not have to stress your memory for retaining the information of the clan.

Bookmarking Has Never Been So Easy

You have decided to attack a list of clans after you are full with the resources and trained your troops. However, once you are done with it, you need not have to search for that clan that you settle to war. You can choose the option of ‘bookmark’ and pick up the war to kill them. This reduces time in searching for the right clan, the one who destroyed your town hall and killed the members of the troop.

The feature of bookmarking is updated only in the Clash of Clans with version 7.65, which is also located with the name ‘Air Sweeper’.

The Extra Features

Not only bookmarking, but the update has even fixed all the bugs, problems and issues that the players have complained about before, while playing the game. In the earlier version, you were unable to see your clan before the war or attack. However, now you can preview and check on the members of the troop. You can even name the war family for one last time. Hence, pick up a name that will suit the clan and make the counter armies feel the power of your supremacy. Remember, once you change it, you cannot change it anymore; the account will be locked forever.

The Loot

As the battalions loot each other’s kingdom in every real war, the players thought to have this tactic in Clash of Clans. Hence, Supercell, the makers of Clash of Clans, brought this feature exclusively to the players of this game to loot, opposite army’s kingdom. In addition to this, this feature will help the players to gain free extra money and resources to build their hall instead of working hard by starting an attack every time.

The Clan Castle

The Clan Castle is an already built up place, where they can call up the rest of the group members to fight. Most of the gamers are taking advantage of these features and soaring high in the ranks of the game. As the rankings are going up, you can become the king soon of the clan and only empower your powers to the troop.

Clash of Clans brings no lesser than $5 million to the app store every day. A game started in the year 2012; this game is still loved by all and is making real money. The succeeding year of its launch, the makers of Supercell made a history with total earnings of $892 million. The last year revenue reported when generated stated that this war game has made a remarkable impact by making $1.8 billion.