We find most of the gaming apps free on either Google Play store or app store.

However, there would not be any developer in this field to entertain the players rather than making money. Millions of downloads happen for the same game if it is a hit. Surely, if you are the developer, you gain recognition and fame but let us have a look at how you can make money with free apps.

The Freemium Purchases

Premium mobile games are a standard model for any gaming app to make money. With just a small price tag on the game, you can account it with a number of downloads. However, with many free games hitting the market, the players are pulled to the free market instead of the premium games.

Premium games fetch seventy percent of the gained money to the developers and the rest thirty percent go to the app stores where the games receive a strong platform to highlight their style. However, with just one-week free trial of your game can magnet more people and pull in new players to play your game. This will spread the word of mouth and help your users in making popular choices later.

You can choose making your game live free. This can allow people to get to know your gaming app and if it succeeds, you will be all with fame and name. While streaming the game online, take an assurance for making it bug-free. Though most of the bugs really matter to the premium accounts; however, you keep your app the best and try your hands on strategies to make money from your free game.


Many advertisement networks are out there in the market to display their ads through your game. The paid ads can make you money with the number of clicks and popularity the ads receive in return. Do not just use any ad to make money. Have a brainstorm process on the categories of people who will play your game and the kind of advertisements they will like to click.

 In-app purchases

While having your game online for free, you can keep using the strategy for in-app purchases to buy supporting requirements to play your game. However, your game must be interesting enough to not all, but most of the users to purchase characters, coins or boosters to upgrade their existence in the game. You can keep adding extra characters, exciting offers to make your game interesting and a never-ending journey to play.

You can try any strategy you think that can help in making your game some money and bringing you in limelight. However, you need to use the strategy according to the players needs than just throw it on the game and wait for it to perform. You are in this market to entertain people. Hence, the only option left with you is to pull people to your game and then suffice your needs through paid characters or paid boosters for enhancement. The basic approach to people is having an addictive game on the chart rather than a copied idea.

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