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Google Hangouts Download Desktop Version – Full-view Screen Sharing


Before May 2013, Google had three communication services: Google Talk, Google+ Messenger and Hangouts, which was a video chat system integrated into Google+. After combining these services, the company brought a big communication platform named Google Hangouts, which was available for Microsoft Windows, Linux and OS X as a Chrome extension, Chrome OS, Android and iOS. From now on, the Desktop version will have a new feature: Full-view screen sharing.

Google Hangouts allows group videoconferences with only 10 users at once, group chats with up to 100 members, the ability to share photos, maps, stickers, emoji, animated GIFs, the possibility to call other Hangouts users for free and to connect a Google Voice account for phone number, SMS and voicemail integration. Google Hangouts can be used on any device that runs on the supported OS and the chats will be synced across them.

Many people are using Google Hangouts for the video calling feature and now that the desktop users will have an improved full-view screen sharing, this application will become more appreciated.

When sharing your screen, you will be able to show your interlocutor photos, presentations or tutorials, as they will be more visible in the full screen mode. And Hangouts can be set up to show the person who’s presenting, so the audience will see only him/her.

Here’s how you can choose a presenter:

After opening a Hangouts video call, you will click the drop-down menu from the photo thumbnail of the friend that will be the presenter, then click on the “Present to everyone” button. That person will notice a green bar at the top of his/her screen, where he/she is notified that will be presenting to everyone. To stop presenting, he/she will click Stop, while to screenshare he/she will need to click on the “Start screenshare” button.

Sharing in full-screen mode

If you decide to share your screen, the others will occupy their viewing windows with what’s happening on your screen. If another person chooses your video feed or it’s part of the “present to everyone” mode, you can select to show or hide photos to him/her, by clicking the thumbnail icon button.

To share your screen, you will open a Hangouts video call and head your mouse cursor to the left side of the video call window, where you’ll see a bar with different application icons. You will click on Share, select your desktop or a window you intend to share and simply click the Start Screenshare option.