As compared to iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus comes with a generally large battery in terms of size and power; thanks to its big size unlike previous versions of iPhone. But it is noticed that the larger battery cannot even support your day long operations on device. There are several reasons that affect your device’s battery life. We have categorized certain features and how you can configure them to boost battery life of your beloved iPhone 6 Plus.

Before we begin, let us first elaborate the specs of battery available in your iPhone 6 Plus. The larger and stronger battery has 3.82 volts, 11.1 Whr i.e. 2,915 mAh. This battery is expected to provide a talk time of up to 24 hours on 3G and has standby time of up to 16 days i.e. 384 hours. On video playback it can survive up to 14 hours and on audio playback it will last till 80 hours.

You can check which apps are consuming more battery on your phone so you can specifically configure them to your needs. To do so, follow this path: Settings > General > Usage > Battery Usage. This will show you which of the apps are consuming what percentage of your device’s battery. There are certain system developed apps like Home & Lock Screen that you cannot configure. But there are apps that you can configure like Mail, Photos, Camera, Calendar, etc.

Disabling Location Service

Your iPhone 6 Plus will track your location and will provide valuable suggestions considering your location. This app is very useful specially if you are at somewhere new but this feature comes with a price, i.e. extra consumption of battery, as your iPhone constantly keeps track of your location. If you are in a position that you no longer need location based recommendation, then you can easily turn it off to save your battery life. Follow this path to disable this feature: Settings > Privacy > Location Services.

Disabling Background App Refresh

Apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are always working even when you are not using them. Your device keeps on refreshing them even when they are closed so you can get up to date results. If you are not frantic about your news feed in Facebook, then you can turn it off so it do not refresh automatically in the background killing battery life. Your app will be refreshed every time you open it. Disabling it may let you miss some of your notifications but will provide you extra minutes on your battery. To disable it follow this path: Settings > General > Background App Refresh. This will open all those apps that are working in the background; you can disable those you do not want to work in the background.

Configuring Push Email

Push Email makes sure that all of your emails are reached to their destination i.e. your inbox. It will keep on checking your inbox to see if anything new has happened so it can be synched in your device as well. It is a good option if you are expecting something. Otherwise if you know that you are not expecting any new mail from your work or from anywhere then you can configure it according to your needs. You can schedule fetching of data from every 15 minutes to hourly or even manually. To configure the schedule follow this path: Mails > Contacts > Calendars > Fetch New Data. Here you will find four options to select from; either every 15 minutes, 30 minutes or hourly. You can even set this up to manually. This way, your Mail will be fetched only when you decide to do so.

Other Important Tips

There are several other ways that can help you save few additional minutes off your battery. They include:

  • Managing your Notification Center Widgets
  • Avoiding Dynamic Wallpapers
  • Disabling Motion Effects, Parallax
  • Disabling App Store’s automatic updates
  • Turning off Push Notifications

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