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Plants vs. Zombies Gaming App Free Download – How does it Feel to be a Zombie?


Plants vs. Zombies has scared all the games off the gaming charts and led it with the top position.

With billions of players downloading the game, the developers plan to keep adding new expeditions and experiences. One such expedition is the Garden Warfare series of Plants vs. Zombies. Have a look at what makes this game so special.

Be a Zombie in the Graveyard

With the new Garden Warfare season of Plants vs. Zombies, you do not have to become the lame and defenseless neighbor of Crazy Dave any more. You can now become the zombie and scare the plants off the yard.

In addition to this, you are offered to choose any one role from plants vs. zombies. You can go with the regular game by picking up the role of being the plant, keep planting seeds and killing the zombies that come across you to chuck off your brains. On the contrary, you can play as a zombie and go on a killing spree to destruct the plants and seeds the slow you down from slaughtering and winning.

The Beginning

You are, at first, allowed to play the ‘Welcome Mat’ mode where you will be trained for the basic details of the Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare game. You must play hard and nail every challenge in this session, as leveling up here can unlock extra levels of excitement. This level is a bonus round as you gain health and strategies for easy level of combating.

The Modes to Play a Zombie

This game initiates mayhem for multiplayer games. You can build a team such as the Vanquish Team where you can choose to become either a plant or a zombie. This is the exact adventure where you can experience a completely new level of game by playing either of the sides. The only objective is to smash and demolish the opposite team with all your powers and forces. You can pick up being the dead monster zombie and enjoy the invasion and degradation of the plants that scare you off. You will not be hit by tulips or pea shooters unless you are sneaking up on somebody.

In the Gnome Bomb mode, you have to search for the hidden Gnome. The creepiest part of this mode is that every team tries their luck in finding the Gnome. You can get it and destroy the entire garden in one blow. However, this mode comes with three objectives to achieve. It is a timed game; hence, you will have to get the Gnome before the good people takes it and complete all the three objectives. However, if you run out of time, the team that has made the largest destruction over the opposite turf will be awarded as the winner of the mode.

The tables are turned! You can now understand how it feels to be the dead monsters. However, sometimes, it is fun to be evil rather than being good all the time. Enjoy being on the negative side of veil, grouping up with the wicked army of zombies.