Tremendous numbers of streaming media players have been launched in the market.

Just to name a few, Roku, Chromecast, WD Play, Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV, have all been rolling high on the market. The list is extended by the presence of Blu-ray players, smart HDTVs and gaming consoles. However, Roku 3, Chromecast and Apple TV are the favorites of millions of people.

An imperative factor considered by a majority of prospective buyers is the support of a media streaming device. Support consists of the channels and ways in which the different channels can be viewed by the users. It merely includes official app support, web content support and local content support. So which of the three media streaming device offers the best overall support? Let’s find out!

Official App Support

The third generation Roku streaming media player offers a huge list of official apps to the users. With the number of channels being more than 750, users get a remarkable platform to view their favorite channels. The addition of YouTube application has created a huge buzz among the streaming player users. Moreover, this is the first device with support for Amazon Instant Videos. Hence, it is the ideal option for people having Amazon Prime subscription.

In comparison to Roku, the Chromecast and the Apple TV have a much lesser app support. The numbers were least in Chromecast, but the quick addition of channels is expanding the list. On the other hand, the Apple TV app support list is increasing at a slow rate. On a positive note, video subscription apps like Hulu Plus and Netflix are supported by all the three players.

Winner: Roku 3

Web Content Support

No doubt that the Roku device nails down its competitors in the official app support section, it is nowhere in competition with Chromecast for web content support. The Google Chromecast comes with the ability to replace a HTPC. In simpler words, you can stream a website from your PC to Chromecast. For example, you can navigate to via Chrome and stream the tab to your media player. This enables you to stream tremendous numbers of sites conveniently. Therefore, Chromecast reigns supreme in this area of support.

Winner: Google Chromecast

Local Content Support

The Roku 3 and the Chromecast offers a remarkable local content support, thanks to Plex. The two media players uses the Plex app that enables users to stream locally stored content to a HDTV. This service is available for free to the Roku 3 users; whereas the Chromecast users need a PlexPass subscription.

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