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Snapchat is The New Social Media and The New Facebook


Snapchat is Popular for Its Genuine in Telling Stories

For those of who you who were surprised to know that the photo sharing app Snapchat has introduced something called stories, here’s a simple but useful overview of the service.

As the name points out, it allows you to share stories of your own and similar to the style that the app has created through the years, it will automatically be deleted in 24 hours. Snapchat is not new for most teenagers, but for the new lot who are unfamiliar with the app, all you need to know is that it lets you take pictures, which if sent will automatically be deleted within a specified period.

When it first got launched, most users relied on it to send personal and private photos. The app underwent a lot of criticism for encouraging young people to send obscene content but with time, it got better and now is one of the noteworthy social platforms.

What Snapchat Stories is all about?

The Snapchat stories, a relatively new feature in the app allows the users to post pictures or videos which will be considered as a story. It will be visible to you and everyone in your friends’ circle. When you make a post, it will be added to your timeline and your account name will be displayed on top of the content. It indicates that the content posted belongs to you and the most recent story will be notified using a circular icon on the right hand corner.


When you tap on the username of other people, it will display a list of stories that they may have posted. All of them are purely based on photos and videos but doesn’t have any text in them. The other obvious addition is that these stories don’t stay permanently on the app and are automatically deleted after 24 hours. The developers claim that it allows people to create something new almost every day and keep the content fresh at all times.

Timeline of Events

Without the text, it is usually tough to reveal an event. But, when it is done among friends and known people, it is much easier, because you can get as creative as you would like to be. Just take a couple of pictures throughout the day to show what you have been up to and it automatically creates a story for the day. By going through the feed, your friends can know your activities and the things you did on a particular day.


It is fun to do it when you are on a trip and like to indirectly convey a story to friends simply through pictures. Using Whatsapp or Facebook is considered too old by teenagers and that creates great potential for Snapchat stories and it might soon become the most preferred method to tell a tale, purely through pictures and videos. Once you add the story, you can’t delete it and there is also the option to reveal it only to a specific set of friends, in case you like to keep things private.