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Subway Surfers Free Download – 10 Ultimate Tips to Reach the Final Stages of the Game


Amongst the Android games, Subway Surfers tops the chart as one of the strongest contenders.

You play the role of Jake, who is a troublemaker, mischievous, jumps and dodges through the tracks of railway trains and run for coins. You run endlessly until an obstacle hits you or you bump into any train or bumper. However, you may lose lives and chances to earn maximum if the game is not played the way it needs to be played. Have a tour through the tips and hints and avail the best place in the game of being the champion.

Power the Power-ups

Power-ups empower your current stage. You need to get them as many as possible in your endless run. Moreover, if you are not at all interested in allowing the police inspector and the dog to chase you, grab these boosters such as Jetpack, Coin Magnet, Super Sneakers, 2x Multiplier and Double Coins. Once you think you have got the right grip on the game, use 2x Multiplier. You never know when you will be awarded with x30 and become the richest player.

Daily Challenges

Daily challenges help you in brining much-awaited score. The challenge is easy, as you have to collect all the letters of the word for the day. Your rewards will increase from day 1 through day 5 and will find a mystery box at day 5. Moreover, you can have this mystery box every day past the winning of the daily challenge.

The Combos to Combat

Take the help of Combos to fight through the odds of the game. Memorize the moves to avoid any further discrepancy. You can jump and roll together to cancel your jump and make you roll through the tracks.

Understand the Hoverboards

Obtaining a hoverboard is a critical task, as you have to spend many coins on it. Every hoverboard lasts only for thirty seconds and you have to make complete use of it in that window of opportunity. Some of those are starter board, Big Kahuna, Freestyler, Bouncer, Lowrider, Miami, Monster, Scoot, Skull Fire, Superhero and many more.

Keep Up High

Try running over the top of the trains instead of dodging while running on the tracks. That will help you to stay out of danger and live a long life. The maneuvers are easy on the train tops, as you do not have the police and his scary dog running behind you. You can jump through the air and cover much distance than running on the land.

Multiply the Multiplier

Keep completing missions to earn x30. If you get 10 coins, you are awarded with 300 points. By just working a little hard on the missions and challenges, your every coin is multiplied by 30 times. All then you have to do is to sit back and keep upgrading powerups.

Subway Surfers on Personal Computer

If your screen is small to adjust Jake while playing, try jumping and dodging in PC. The graphics will turn you crazy and the interest will pull you more to chase Jake to earn coins.

Lock the Keys

Earn as many keys as possible through the game. Lock them up in Jake’s bag and do not lose them until you really need to. The keys are the key to regain your life. If you own a number of them, do not spend them lavishly. Until you hit the target of x70, you will need to keep Jake playing nonstop. Hence, at such times, you may have to have an abundant supply of keys.

Cheat to Win

Cheating to Win sounds dumbfounded. Running with all honesty and gratitude is difficult but satisfying. Run through the cheat codes and bring Jake alive from death.

Set the Time Back

You can have all the limited editions that happened in the past by changing the settings. Enter the date and time for the specific character to unlock and enjoy all the boosters and power-ups with which he comes.

Keep trying hard until you reach the end. Nothing can kill passing time interestingly as much as Jake does.