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Tango v3.17 Free APK Download – Should WhatsApp Be Afraid?


Tango is a messaging application for smartphones that came in 2009, being created by TangoME Inc., an American company located in Mountain View, California. In 2013 and 2014, Tango won four important awards: Google Play Store’s Best Apps, Best Communication App (Appy Awards), Best Texting App ( Reader’s Choice Awards) and Must Have Apps List (Verizon Wireless). With this collection of awards, Tango can’t be anything other than a great application with incredible features. And because it’s so appreciated, Tango received updates for the Android version very often. The last one is 3.17.159863 and can be downloaded from the Google Play store.

The creators of Tango are Uri Raz (CEO) and Eric Setton (Chief Technology Officer), which came up with a technology that compresses videos, and a peer-to-peer technology that helped millions of users to lower their infrastructure costs. A year ago, Tango had 200 million registered users, but only 70 million were active. Compared to Line, which, at that time, it had 170 million active users or Viber, which was used by 300 million people, every month, Tango not only delivered high quality services (voice and video calls), but it supported low-cost infrastructure.

The success of Tango is owed to Eric Setton’s technology skills, as the man holds a PhD degree in Electrical Engineering, being a graduate of the University of Stanford; and to Uri Raz, which made the application known in the market. It seems that in October 2014, China’s largest eCommerce marketplace Alibaba decided to provide funding worth US$215 million and this way, the application became quite popular in China.

Tango’s features are: free video and voice calls over 3G, 4G and WiFi; the possibility of play games while in the middle of a video call; free text messages, the ability to create group chat messages, to share stickers, photos, songs, voice and video massages, to discover new friends who share similar interests etc.

The latest version of Tango is 3.17.159863 and it was released on June 10 with three small changes: improved call quality, additional languages and an updated notification center design.

Besides Android, Tango also supports iOS, Microsoft Windows and Windows Phone and the users can make in-app purchases, ranging $1 – $10.