WhatsApp is one of the instant messaging apps that support nearly all mobile platforms.

The application has been popular in many parts of the world. As at the moment, WhatsApp is said to be the undisputable king of chatting apps and there is a good chance you have installed it on your Smartphone. However, WhatsApp is still the same even after it was acquired by Facebook for a whopping $19 billion in 2014. But thank God there are quite many WhatsApp alternatives out there, and quite a few of them offer better features than it.


You have likely heard of Viber by this time, considering how popular it is now. And that means there is a good chance some of your friends are using it. The app allows the users to send text messages and make calls over the internet for free. It is a really cool app. Viber also adds some spice through several other features like video calls. Another interesting thing is that if you are willing to spend a few cents, you can make voice calls to people who are not using Viber.


This messenger app works in the same way WhatsApp does. After it has registered your number with a database, it will explore your contacts to check which of your contacts are using LINE. Similar to WhatsApp, LINE allows you to send text messages, audio notes and images and make free calls. Among the incredible features that make LINE better than WhatsApp is its sticker shop. Users can buy stickers, though some of them are available for free. Also, the app offers a variety of impressive games.


WeChat does have almost the same level of popularity that WhatsApp has. It is being used by over 500 million users worldwide. Unlike WhatsApp, the app is not lacking in features. With WeChat, you can message your friends, the way you want, through texts, videos, images, emoticons and even by sharing location. WeChat is a messenger app you can count on. It is also a free application.

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is yet another awesome messaging app for keeping in touch with family and friends. A unique feature of the application is the ability to video chat with up to 10 people at once. Apart from video calls, users can also send and receive texts, pictures and audio files. You can also access your Google Hangouts account through your PC.

Facebook Messenger

Currently, Facebook Messenger is one of the biggest competitors of WhatsApp. As the name suggests, the app is owned by social networking giant Facebook, meaning it has a number of Facebook features. For example, the users can update their statuses and post on their timelines. There is a good chance most of your Facebook friends are on your contact list. So chatting with them via Facebook Messenger makes things more real.


There are many other options out there, such as Telegram, IMO and Tango. But with the many options available, there is never going to be one app which suits everyone. For now, these are the excellent messenger apps out there worthy of your time.

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