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Clash of Clans Free Download – Play it in Africa as Jagun


Clash of Clans is spreading like a virus across the globe.

After topping the charts of every game store, this game saw many clones emerging in different styles. Now you can have this game even in an African style. Jagun is the name of the African clone of Clash of Clans. It is subtitled as ‘Clash of Kingdom’. Fight the war being the tall, dark men with dark brows, dark black beard and super white teeth.

Why is the Game Named as Jagun?

The developers of the mega-hit games, Danfo Reloaded and Sambisa Assault, ChopUP load the gaming charts with troops of Jagun. The literal meaning of the word ‘Jagun’ is ‘war’. This word is derived from the time before the colonial period made its way through the Yoruba Kingdom to the southern-west side region of Nigeria.

As this is an epic game, most of the words and terminologies used in the game depict from the pre-colonial era. You will use many expressions that you may not understand but will suit the game. The game is played the way the earlier tribes used to battle. One kingdom tries defending itself to avoid any reigning power. The soldiers are well equipped with all the necessary weapons and have to just use strategies, controls, tricks, patience and rage to kill every offender who crosses the line to hit the empire.

The Purpose of the Game Play

In Jagun, you have to defend your kingdom known as Jagunlabi from the attackers and contenders. You are filled with flames, arrows and the African evil Juju. With a series of forty battles and four major wars, you need to kill the opposing battalion and save your kingdom from their reign. You build the wall and the place with the resources. As the opposite clans like picking up fights with your clan and want to demolish your entire place, you have to be ready with troops, weapons and everything that can help you in attacking fully fledged.

The offenders want your kingdom and your clan to collapse for them to take over that place. To help you win the game, the developers have provided in-app purchases, which enhance every power the players have. The co-founder of Jagun, Zubair Abubakar, says, “Clash of Kingdoms comes with a few of in-game items such as an enemy-freezing potion, Sango power (fireball), masquerade (terrifying demon), wall fortifications and a mass-killing earthquake”.

The Rewards of Jagun

For playing Jagun, you need to use your brain rather than the brawn. Before calling for any attack or war, learn every combat tool and choose only weapons that could help you in that particular situation. You can earn rewards and gold after you defeat the counter army in defending the walls of your kingdom. The developers have also added advertisements during the strengthening process of the wall of the kingdom. This can help you relax until the walls are built strong to bear any attack from any explosives.

Serve the kingdom and enjoy the victory. Do anything that can help to save the monarchy from the opposite battalion.