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Facebook Messenger Download Latest APK – Share Location To Friends


The Android and iOS users who installed Facebook Messenger on their devices can send their location to their friends so they can find them more easily. Maybe the person you’re going to meet doesn’t know the town so well and instead of letting him struggle to find you, it’s more indicated to send him/her a map with your location. This way, your friend won’t waste time and energy, trying to figure out where’s the restaurant located, and you won’t get bored waiting to him/her to show up. In this article, we’ll teach you how to share your location if you’re using an iPhone or an Android device.

Until now, Facebook was tracking your location if you enabled the location services, which means that every time you sent a message, it was accompanied by your location and when your friends tapped the message, they got a map that showed them where you were located. However, the users were able to stop the application from accessing your location, but most of them wanted a separate feature, more user-friendly, but which still relied on the location services.

Facebook complied and brought a feature that allows the users to share their location to particular friends, to not let everyone know from where they’re sending messages. Here’s how you can activate this feature if you’re using an iPhone or an Android mobile device.


These are the steps you must follow to send your location on an iPhone, through Facebook Messenger. Open the application, start a conversation with a friend to whom you want to share your location and tap on the “More” icon, the tap on “Location” from the top. When a new screen will appear, you will select “Current Location” and if you can’t find your location from the list below the places, use the search bar from the tap and search for it. After finding the correct place, tap the “Send” button from the upper-right corner. Your friend will see a small map in the conversation pane on which they will tap to get more information about the location using Google Maps or Apple Maps. First, you must turn on location services for Facebook Messenger by going to Settings > Privacy > Location Services, otherwise the application won’t have access to your location and you won’t be able to use this feature.


You will follow almost the same steps as on iPhones, which means that while you’re in the conversation menu, you will tap on the ellipses to select Location, and from the list of places, you will choose the right location. The recipients will receive the same small map on which they’ll tap and they’ll use Google Maps to get directions. Likewise on iOS, the Android users must enable location services.