Facebook Messenger has been updated with feature for all Android and iOS users of the app.

The application will no longer be having the confusing and slightly creepy location sharing feature that is always on.

When this feature is on, it means whenever you send someone a message, your location details are also included in the same message, which kind of felt like privacy intrusion. According to Facebook, the new platform will be based on GPS features and, it will lay the groundwork for much better and enhanced location features. For instance, it will now be possible to make reservations and book rides when chatting, such that you no longer have to leave the app in order to attend to these needs when they arise.

Sharing at will with Messenger

The latest design for the location sharing service for Facebook Messenger is already available for those using iOS and Android devices. The blue arrow has now been banished and there is no way your location can be shared by the app without your knowledge. Now there is a new pin button that appears beside the messages you are sending. Alternatively, you can access an option of the same in the 3-dot “More” drawer.

When you tap on this “More” drawer, it will pull up a map showing your current location. The pinned location can then be sent alongside the message you are sharing in a single tap. Dragging the map will change the location of the pin, which then allows users to pick a place of meeting. Messenger also lets users suggest places within the vicinity, for instance, local businesses.

Is Facebook Messenger borrowing a leaf from WeChat?

According to a top Facebook official, Asian countries and particularly China have figured out what to do when it comes to including extra features such as commerce and location sharing into instant messaging platforms. A suitable example is China’s WeChat, which lets users book taxis and do lots of other stuff while at the same time chatting with your friends.

It is thought that this move will help Messenger come in with much better location sharing features and include all sorts of amazing experiences that push the app forward. This update follows a recent update where Facebook launched the Messenger Platform, which allows third party apps to be installed within the app, which only but make the app much better. However, it is thought that Facebook will first of all monitor the platform before moving on with it.

Facebook Messenger is working on introducing a series of utilities to the app, for instance, taxi hailing to chat threads. It will be interesting to see how this works. Furthermore, there are some rumors that Facebook might include the same features in their WhatsApp Messenger.However, as noted earlier; they are still rumors.

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