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Skype or Tango Free Download Calling Apps – A Brief Comparison


Skype and Tango are basically two software solutions offering almost the same basic functionality.

Though Skype has dominated the video conferencing world for many years, the king of video chatting might soon be thrown out. Its challenger is Tango.

Released in 2009, Tango is already making a name for itself in the world of video conferencing. As a matter of fact, many Skype users have started making a switch. But is it worth making the switch? If you like to video chat with your friends or business partners, you need to read on. In this article, we will compare the features of both the applications. This way, you will know which one to pick the next time you are video conferencing.


To begin with, Skype is a free app. You will not be required to pay anything when conducting a one-to-one video conferencing. With Skype, you can chat with up to 10 people including you. However, for a group chat, one group member must have a Skype premium account. A Skype premium subscription is only $4.99 per month or you can pay $7.49 dollars for a three month subscription. While Skype is a bit expensive, the Skype premium account gets you unlimited calls to any country and live chat customer support.

On the other hand, Tango allows you to make video calls to anyone around the world for free. Unfortunately, you cannot call non-Tango users.

Supported Platforms

As you know, Skype supports many platforms including Windows, Firefox, Safari and Chrome browsers and iOS, Android and Windows operating systems.

When it was first released, Tango only allowed communication between the iOS and Android users. Recently, however, it extended its compatibility to Windows operating system as well as computers. Tango is also a cross-platform app. This means that the iOS, Android and Windows phone users can all video chat without any problem.

Local and International Calls

Skype provides free Skype to Skype calls. However, if you are making a call to a phone or landline user, you will need a subscription.

As a Tango user, you can make voice and video calls to other Tango users for free. Unlike Skype, there is no possibility to call mobile phones or landlines.

Call and Video Quality

When it comes to video quality and audio clarity, there is no denying that Skype is far better than Tango. Skype’s pictures are very clean and clear. Tango, on the other hand, is much more inferior to Skype in this area. There are a few issues with Tango’s video calls. Even so, the app is completely usable – just nowhere as seamless as Skype’s video chat.

Ease and Installation  

Installing Tango is easy. Once installed, it will automatically scan your contacts to find out who already has Tango installed on his phone so that it can add them. Setting up Skype takes a bit of work. The process is not complicated, but downloading, installing and creating an account takes more time than setting up a Tango account.

Concluding Thoughts

It is safe to conclude that Skype is still far better than Tango. It therefore remains the best choice you can possibly have. It will offer you some of the best features that you need. Perhaps, Tango will catch up with time. Only time will tell.