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Top 5 Tips on How to Stop WhatsApp from Eating up your Mobile Data


If WhatsApp is an application that you cannot do without, then this might just be the most important piece you’ll read this day. 

There is no doubt that if this app is a constant in your life, you must have noticed that you can’t use it without an internet connection. While this might sound so easy in cases where one has direct access to Wi-Fi connections, it becomes very tricky in cases of using mobile data. This is true because while using Wi-Fi won’t attract any charge whatsoever, using mobile data for internet connection will require that you buy these data packs from your mobile phone carrier.

In the recent past, there have been growing reports that applications such as WhatsApp, Skype and Viber are at the center of running out people’s data at a very fast rate. But is there a way out of this mystery so to say?

It is becoming a big issue when it comes to having enough data. However, there are ever increasing demands for the internet, be it music or TV streaming and as a result more and more gigabytes are being used each and every month. If you can’t keep working this way, where you are spending more than enough on your data bundles, here is what you need to do to help you reduce on the costs of your mobile data.

Turn off apps

Android smartphones are meant to run apps in the background, some of which you might not even be aware that they are running. Some of these apps will make use of the internet in executing their functions and in the process, you may end up without data bundles, yet you haven’t used them. Make sure these apps are closed and any other app that you are not using as well. The apps can be found in the recent apps menu.

Avoid downloading media when on the go

There are millions of people who nowadays use mobile phones as their main entertainment hubs. This is an amazing thing to have, but it may end up consuming all of your data if you are not watchful. Rather than download media files when on the go, it is advisable to get the files first before setting out on your journey. In this way, you can make use of a stable connection than endures troublesome connections when on the move.

Using apps like Spotify, BBC iPlayer and many others, you can easily download media files and save them for viewing later when offline. This helps save your mobile data bundles.

Install data monitoring apps

There are very high chances that you probably do not have the slightest of ideas of how you first of all ended up without a data package. You might be in the middle of a download and all of a sudden a message pops up that the download could not be completed due to connection issues. If this has ever happened to you, then you must download and install a data monitoring app now.

Such apps that will ensure you the best performance include Onavo Count or My Data Manager. With any of these apps, you will know the apps that are denting your data bundle, which should help a lot in terms of saving some cash.

Connect using Wi-Fi

The best way of ensuring you never run out of your data bundle due to WhatsApp messaging services is to always make use of Wi-Fi. Whenever there is a wireless connection available, make use of it and disconnect your data connection. This will ensure that your costs on data packs are immensely reduced since Wi-Fi is free. You can install apps like Wi-Fi finder to help you with locating any available Wi-Fi connection within your vicinity.

Turn off push notifications

If your data package is not enough, you can get around this problem by disabling push notifications. As long as push notifications are enabled, your phone will be in constant use of data since you will be notified about emails, WhatsApp, Facebook and many other apps installed on your phone. However, this means that you will have to wait until you manually launch the apps in order to pick up your messages.