Twitter is reportedly set to drop the limit of 140 characters that it allows in its Direct Messaging services.

Up until now, this hugely famous application has restricted the character limit of its tweets to 140 characters, something that has really been stressing quite a number of this social network application.

This move will for sure destabilize the instant messaging world that has been on an exponential growth in the recent past, especially an application like WhatsApp which has sky-rocketed its user base with the recent release of a voice calling feature.

Twitter to introduce 1000-character limit in Direct Messages

In a move that is thought to be getting back at instant messengers, Twitter will be increasing the character limit from 140 to an impressive one thousand.

In the recent past, Twitter has been very busy with making some essential changes in the way it handles things as far as Direct Messages are concerned. One such addition was the ability to message any person who is using Twitter even if they are not following you. In the previous versions, Twitter users had to follow one another in order for them to exchange private messages in what is known as Direct Messages.

The latest version also lets users embed as well as share Direct Messages easily. The recent changes in the amount of characters allowed for tweets were made public via the company’s blog page.

Twitter character limit update to arrive in July

According to the Product Manager of Twitter, the latest version that includes the ability to send a tweet that has at most 1000 characters will come in this July. This is not such a long time and in fact, we might end up seeing further newer features added to the application this official release.

Now that Twitter is set to allow more characters in their messages, something that other apps like WhatsApp and Viber have had no issues with, the app will start to compete on the same fronts when it comes to social networking.

The change only affects Direct Messages, nothing changes for public tweets

While there might be some people wondering why Twitter has just decided to ditch the power of the 140-characters in favor of 1000 characters, there is little to worry as the former limit still exists when it comes to public tweets. There are no changes on this side of Twitter as users will still be limited to the 140 characters like in the past.

This is not the only change that Twitter users should expect and this is according to the senior management of the app. What it means is that in the near future, we are going to see more updates and new features included onto this platform. However, it is currently obvious that this social networking platform is doing the experiments first.

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