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WhatsApp 2.12.46 Windows Phone Download – In-App Notification and MP3 Files Save


Usually, the developers of WhatsApp are updating more often the Android version and they test all kinds of new features, then they add them to the rest of platforms. But the Windows Phone users were happy to hear that WhatsApp released a new version with two important additions: in-app notifications and the ability to save mp3 files to the Pictures folder.

In April, WhatsApp surpassed 800 million active users, but there are more users on Android and iOS and they’re the first ones to get the newest features. To give you an example, the Voice Calling feature was first tested on Android, before a beta version was released on the official website. Months later, a beta version was available for BlackBerry 10 and iOS and finally, after being teased for so long, the Windows Phone users were finally able to make voice calls.

Now, a new update for the beta version was launched and the users will enjoy the two added features. If until now, they could play songs, but not to access them through other means, the 2.12.46 Beta allows them to save audio files to their phones. However, since WhatsApp saves media files somewhere on the phone’s internal memory card, like a cache, so when you’ll receive music, the songs will be saved to a hidden folder under the Pictures directory. This feature needs to be improved, because the songs won’t be “seen” by the Windows Phone Music app and they won’t be recognized by the Photo app either, but with the Files app, the users can delete, rename, share or move the files to another folder.

The other important feature is in-app notifications. Every time the users will receive messages or when they’ll have missed calls, they will be notified via notifications that will popup at the top of the screen, so they can easily access them.

We don’t know when WhatsApp will release a stable version with these new features, but most likely, the developers will bring more beta builds until they will be satisfied with how the application works.