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Why is WhatsApp Plus a Real Threat to WhatsApp?


WhatsApp keeps expanding on a daily basis, be it in terms of the users or the features.

There are now more features on the app than there were a few months ago. The same is also happening as far as the number of users is concerned.

However, the major problem here is that while the app might be an amazing tool for connecting millions of users, not all of those the app connects are loyal and genuine users. There is also a huge chunk of them that are scammers, looking only to make life hell for the many who believe in the amazing services this application offers them for free.

On the contrary, there are numerous third party apps that have been created in line with WhatsApp, but there none of them has been noted to be of compromising the messenger in any manner. However, there is one thing these third party apps do that really dents the market of WhatsApp and that it to take away the loyal users of the original messenger.

One such app is WhatsApp Plus and this application is a posing huge threat to WhatsApp. The app began about three years ago and as of now, it is no longer in the Google Play Store. Google was the first to oust it from the store and then later, WhatsApp imposed a ban on any user who had any close associations with the app. The app is not available for download from the store, but the developers have gone ahead to avail it on their official website.

How is WhatsApp Plus a threat to WhatsApp?

WhatsApp Plus can be termed as an alternative to WhatsApp. This is true because the app does literally anything that WhatsApp can do; however, it adds a little sugar to make the experience of using it much better and sweeter.

WhatsApp Plus allows the users to do a lot of customizations with their app, which is one reason why most people prefer the Android devices to Apple’s iPhones. The customization ability this app offers is unmatched and for sure, you won’t be ashamed of dropping the original app for this clone. Whether you want to change the icon of the app, the size of fonts, their colors and even change backgrounds and themes, this app allows just that.

Furthermore, it offers some amazing features that include the ability to send files of up to 50MB, hiding and freezing your online status, hiding the blue ticks while being able to see those of your friends and lots of other capabilities. This is why many people are jumping from the original app to this clone WhatsApp Plus – it gives them freedom to use and see the app in the way they want, not like the limited WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Plus is a dangerous threat to WhatsApp

The threat that WhatsApp Plus poses to WhatsApp becomes even more dangerous when it comes to installing this app. To use it on your Android phone, you must first of all remove the original app, which means that the number of active users of the original app is drastically reducing as those using the clone app increases. This is again one major reason why WhatsApp banned WhatsApp Plus – it realized the clone app was taking away its user base.

Despite the ban, the use of WhatsApp Plus is still at large. More and more people keep joining the platform thanks to the ban-free WhatsApp Plus APK that is currently available from the official website of the messenger. To install it, you’ll first of all have to head to the security settings of your phone and enable installation of apps from third party websites by checking the option with Unknown sources.