Everyone uses instant messaging. And one of the biggest and most popular apps for instant messaging – is undoubtedly WhatsApp. Perfect for communication, stable, reliable and with a catchy interface, WhatsApp has become a part of almost anyone’s life and a part of every smartphone as well.

However, there are so many features and tricks inside that one cannot simply know. And for that reason – today we are sharing the 5 coolest tricks on WhatsApp you didn’t know about!

  1. The blue tick color change

You certainly know that when there is a single tick shown on your message, the message is sent. When there is a double tick scenario, the message is delivered. And now – new feature!

In the latest version of WhatsApp, there is a blue tick appearing after the message is sent, received, and most importantly – SEEN – which represents the blue tick.

So, if the blue double tick is there after you sent a message, at least you are sure your chat buddy seen it!

  1. The ‘Info’ button on blue ticks

Apart from receiving colored ticks, you can see precise time sheets and information on when your chat buddy saw the message!

If you want to see the information with time when message was sent and when was received and read, just hold your finger onto the message. Four buttons will be shown – including the ‘Info’ one – your way to see when your messages have been read.

  1. Change your number

Ideal for trips overseas and in different countries, you can now change your number and still be connected to WhatsApp – everywhere you go. With a new data SIM, your WhatsApp can be connected again!

To turn this feature on, just go to ‘Account’ and then ‘Change Number’. A box opens with 2 forms to fill in – your old and new phone numbers accordingly.

  1. Send public messages and invites – in a private way

If you want to make an announcement, ping a group of friends you plan to invite on a party, or even message random users who don’t know each other – and in a less awkward way than in Facebook – you can now use this amazing feature.

Choosing the ‘Broadcast Lists’ which is just below the search bar will open a new window for you – where you can add your contacts. The rest of the job is to text them normally – but get responses in a private conversation.

Isn’t this amazing?

  1. Conversation shortcuts

If you love chatting with a favorite person, you shouldn’t waste time opening WhatsApp and then the conversation. Instead, with the new WhatsApp – you can shortcut the conversation directly on your homescreen.

Just tap and hold on the chat (whether it’s group or individual) and a tab will pop-up. You’ll notice an option sating ‘Add conversation shortcut’. Just tap it and you are ready to go!

Note: As much as it’s amazing, this feature is available only for Android users. Sorry Apple fans, you’ll have to wait!


All in all, WhatsApp keeps improving the options, features and the overall performance of the app. Just so we can chat the day away – and share the news with our buddies, right?

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