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10 Cool Tips that Will Make Google Chrome More Fun to Use


The Google Chrome is one of the best browsers available today.

To be able to get the best out of this browser, it is important to learn about its amazing features. Without the need for add-ons, Chrome Browser has the capacity to handle all your internet needs. The ten tricks in this article will teach you how to get the most from your Chrome browser.

Use Shortcuts on the Keyboard for Functions 

It is possible to use the keyboard to perform all the commands you use your mouse for. It is also possible to assign shortcuts to extensions and applications. This can easily be done from the settings on the Chrome menu. This way, you won’t have to reach for your mouse anytime you want to perform a task on the browser.

Accessing Features via Browser Shortcuts

It is possible to access several Chrome features like settings, history, bookmarks and extensions through the address bar. All you have to do is type in Chrome: // followed by the feature you want to go to. For example, “Chrome: //extensions” takes you to installed extensions.

 Simplifying Tasks by Syncing 

With Google Chrome, you can synchronize your browser experience with any other installations (Chrome) you have on other PCs. You can easily configure syncing from the advanced sync settings on the settings bar on your Chrome browser.

Using the Chrome Tab Page

The new Chrome tab page comes with amazing Chrome features. You can enhance your browsing experience here. On this tab, you have buttons for Gmail Offline, Gmail and even Chrome Web Store.

The Task Manager Can Monitor Your Chrome Browser

Just like on windows, Chrome also comes with a task manager. The main purpose of the task manager is to monitor the performance of the browser and the system as a whole. To access the task manager, press SHIFT +ESC.

Using Incognito Window  

With Chrome, you can enjoy browser privacy in stealth mode/incognito mode. When using this mode, neither your web history nor the history of downloaded files is recorded. To open this mode, click on CTRL+SHIFT+N.

Access Search Results Easily Through Omnibox

With Chrome, you can use the address bar as your search bar. This makes it easier to do a search because you do not have to use a search box.

Manipulating Your Tabs

With Chrome, you can re-arrange your tabs whenever you please. You simply have to drag and drop the tabs as they are not fixed to their positions.

Setting Pages to Automatically Load

If there are web pages you visit every time you are online, then you can set them to automatically load whenever you start using Chrome. This will save a lot of time. To make it happen, you can press ALT+E/F and go to settings.

Using the Non-Tracking Feature

The most recent Chrome versions allow the users to choose whether or to they want their online activities monitored by websites. To turn on this feature, press ALT+E/F and go to settings, then head over to the privacy section.

With the above tips, you can make your Chrome experience more enjoyable.