Every internet user knows that in order to stream media content (audio or video) embedded into websites, a media player is needed. Currently, Adobe Flash and Shockwave Player are the best recommendations and we’ll tell you the differences between them.

Both players belong to Adobe, but they developed by Macromedia. Shockwave Player was launched in 1995 and it was called Macromedia Shockwave Player, while the Flash Player is labeled Shockwave Flash in Internet Explorer and Firefox. This player is more popular than its sibling, although 80 percent of its users installed it on the off-chance, not because they really needed it.

Adobe Flash Player reads content created on the Adobe Flash platform, it views multimedia, streams video and audio and executes rich Internet applications, it runs on web browsers as plug-in or it can be installed mobile devices that are supported. The software is needed to play games, view animations and listen to songs embedded into web pages and it’s free to download and install. The Player runs SWF files which are created with one of Adobe’s programs: Flash Professional, Flash Builder, or by other tools such as FlashDevelop. The software supports 3D graphics, vector and raster graphics and has an embedded scripting language which was named ActionScript and which is based on ECMAScript.

Adobe Flash Player vs Shockwave Player 2

Shockwave Player is also free, but it’s used to view multimedia and video games and content created on the Adobe Shockwave platform and embedded into web pages. The software runs DCR files created with Adobe Director and likewise Flash Player, it supports 3G, raster graphics, basic vector graphics, but its embedded scripting language is called Lingo. Many of the online video games from sites such as Miniclip and Shockwave.com were developed using Shockwave.

Flash Player was improved to stream HD videos, while Shockwave offers a higher level of interactivity, but it doesn’t load videos as fast as Flash Player. Besides, you can’t import a Shockwave file into Flash, but it can be done vice versa. Also, you will agree that the user interface of Flash Player is simpler than Shockwave’s interface, and you can easily modify videos in Flash Player, because it’s an open format, not a compiled file Format.

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