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Angry Birds Free Download – It is Time to Kill Some Pigs


The game that brought a revolution to the gaming world, Angry Birds struck the right chord with the player’s enthusiasm and went viral through the Android phones and iPhones.

Now, you can find this game even on your laptops and desktops. The concept of the game is simpler than the rest. You just have to kill the pigs who stole your birds’ eggs. Let us have a look at how we can kill those unattractive pigs.

Have Some Good Time to Play

People always like playing in their free time. However, if you want to win all the challenges and levels of this game, you will have to spare some good time to smash down the pigs. The difficulty level is a little higher in Angry Birds than the rest of the games in the gaming chart. You may have to try twice or thrice or may be even ten times to pass the same level. Hence, take some good time out to play Angry Birds.

Understand the Birds

Every bird in this game has some unique features. The yellow bird can break through any wooden structure; hence, you can use those birds to kill pigs that are hiding beneath it. Similarly, the black ones explode like bomb when they are angry. Therefore, utilize these birds’ strengths to blow up concrete walls. In this way, understand every character of the game and build through a perfect strategy to win the game.

Angles Matter a Lot

You cannot keep pulling the string from the same angle if it is not hitting the target accurately. If you are hitting incorrectly, try different angles and keep repeating with every position until you succeed. Learn the angles, believe in your basic instinct for killing the pigs and then pull the string to hit the pigs hard. Keep trying until you achieve the right angle.

The Environment and the Previous Moves

Each move affects the next move; hence, if you have a successful hit in the earlier move, have a check on the position of your finger on the screen. In addition to this, you can even check on the position of the bird to manipulate the angle of the hit.

The Creative Progress

Do not be reliable only on the bookish knowledge. You can use the strengths and weaknesses separately for each bird. For example, you can make use of the White Bird to drop the bomb or to collapse any structure. You need not have to use both the strengths at the same time for killing the pigs. Boomerang Bird can be used backward if the pig cannot be targeted straight.

Learn through the positions, angles, birds’ unique features when they are angry and strategies to play every move differently is the bottom line of this game. Do not get angry or frustrated if you are unable to shoot the pigs accurately. Focus on your every tap. Few of the birds move fast when you tap the screen accordingly. Hence, keep a tab on the taps and win the game thoroughly.