It’s Sodalicious! Juicy!

Soda Crush! Tasty! Delicious! There is no mention of any food here but the king of the gaming apps, Candy Crush Soda Saga. This game is the latest release from King, the maker of original Candy Crush Saga. It is not only a pass time game, but also a brainstorming one.

A simple swipe game where you have to match three or more candies of same colour, you gain some points and achieve yellow stars that eventually help you to cross the levels. Candy Crush Soda Saga, being a bit different from the early versions, created a buzz in the gaming industry. You do not have to learn rocket science to play it. It is simply refreshment!

Here are a few no-brainers for a sweet ride.

  • Take your time to play this game. There is no particular time limit to cross a level. Take your own time, think and play. You polish your concentration skills with this step. Simply match the best pair and gain points; have patience and create a great move.
  • Use the special candy wisely. Keep calm and never use the special candies as soon as you get them. Small moves are not counted; you need to assure yourself to make your game a big hit with one single move.
  • Create a fish with a combination of four candies of the same colour matched in a perfect shape of a square. Once you poke this fish, it will eat up one chocolate or break a piece of ice or a bubble.
  • Target the obstacles first. This will help you easily go to the next level. Do not plan for easy moves.
  • Believe in packed candies by combining candies in ‘T’ or ‘L’ in shape. These candies burst when poked and sweep out three square cubes around it.
  • Best game changer is formed by arranging five candies in a line. This game changer must be used carefully. Always use this at a perfect time. Use it only when a particular colour of candy is more on the board and the same coloured piece is next to the game changer. This candy works well if you use it with a packed or striped candy.
  • Do not miss a single colour changer. Although it is hard to get, but the combination of eight same coloured candies to create the single colour changer will pour the colour of the candy over the combined candy and blast all the matched pieces across the board.
  • Choose the right move for the right type of soda bottle. Remember that you may not harm the arrangement of the candies unless you are playing with the top candies. The candies played at the bottom of the board, can make the top candies to fill in the gaps below them.
  • Go for minimum moves and maximum blasts that can cover most of the region on the board.

Candy Crush Soda Saga helps you polish many of your in-built skills. Hence, though you are trying to kill time, do not forget that you are polishing some of your best expertises.

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