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Why You Must Choose WhatsApp as your Major Business Marketing Tool


As each day passes by, a new app is born.

This does not just make it a difficult task for the common user to choose which app to use for instant communication purposes. It also makes things very tough for businesses that look upon such apps as their major marketing tools for generating quality leads.

Despite this high rate of new apps that come in on a daily basis, there is none that has managed to populate more people in one place than WhatsApp. This application commands a massive user base of over 800 million people, who use the app actively on a monthly basis. The app burst into the top pages of huge newspapers when it was bought by Facebook for a reported $19 billion and it still does, but this time with other reasons behind the appearance on the top pages of news sites.

Today, almost every business entity makes use of WhatsApp as a campaign tool when it comes to generating marketing leads. Here is why these businesses go for this app instead of any other application.

WhatsApp is free to use

WhatsApp is a free to download and install messenger. Once installed, all the users need is an internet connection and they’ll be able to chat and call anyone they like for as long as they want, without caring where these persons are geographically.

One issue with this app is that the free part will only last for a year, after which you must start paying a small fee of $0.99 annually. This shouldn’t be a problem for any business since the app doesn’t charge differently when it comes to businesses. Furthermore, WhatsApp will let you connect to users on other mobile platforms without any limitations, be it Windows Phone, iOS, Android, BlackBerry or even Symbian.

The good part of using WhatsApp as a business marketing tool is that you not only have to use text in your messages, you can also include graphical material like pictures as well as include videos and voice messages. There is nothing easy as using WhatsApp, whether you are a tech savvy or novice in the business. The interface is very simple and all you’ll need is a dedicated phone number to use as the ID of the business.

Accessible across the globe

As noted above, once you have WhatsApp and your audience also has the same, communication will not be affected by geographical barriers. You will be able to direct your marketing campaigns to an international audience, which in turn increases your market and business reach in general.

Instant response

As you all know, WhatsApp is in instant messaging app. When you use it for your business purposes, reacting to customer queries and providing other related services is enhanced. There are no long queues on calls as the message sent is delivered instantly and one can respond to it immediately with the required feedback. If your business is small or medium, this is a very easy way for you to reach your customers.

Group chats

WhatsApp allows users to form groups of up to 100 people. Businesses can make use of this tool and stay connected with their customer base. In case the users exceed 100, it is possible to create another group as well.

User base

WhatsApp has more than 800 million people registered on it. This is a huge market for your business and if tapped, it can be your way to becoming a billionaire.