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You Can Now Download Viber For Free Automatic Call Back And Calling


Viber is a messaging app that uses VoIP technology to allow people to remain in touch with each other. People no longer have to pay excessively for SMS and phone calls when such utilities are there to help. You can send messages and even place phone calls through the interface of this app. Some think that Viber is available only for smart phones. They are in for a surprise because Viber released a desktop client a couple of months back. Support for Windows Phone OS is also available. With the dramatic growth of this popular application, it is only a matter of time before it supersedes the alternatives such as Skype and WhatsApp.

Automatic Call Back And Calling Non-Viber Users

  • Use the automatic callback facility from Viber for setting up your account – The first time you sign up for an account with Viber, it will send a short code to your registered mobile number. If this short code is taking time to come, then there is this option to receive an automated call back from the service provider. As a rule of thumb, the code must come within 60 seconds of requesting it. If not, please select the automatic callback button. Enter the code into the access code field and register your mobile number.
  • Placing normal calls to non-Viber users –By default, you can start messaging and having voice / video calls with all the contacts. If the majority of your contact list does not have an account with Viber, do not worry. The company offers a service – Viber Out – that will allow you to call anyone for extremely reasonable rates. You can call landline and mobile phones, even if they are not Viber numbers. Please bear in mind that it might be necessary to buy the credits necessary to place phone calls.
  • Multiple platform support – As it turns out, this app is compatible with multiple platforms. Although initially released exclusively for the iOS and Android OS, today you can find the software running on Windows Phone OS and even in the old Nokia Symbian OS phones. Do bear in mind that the version given to Symbian OS phones will not be able to place outgoing calls to Viber / non-Viber numbers. For phones running on Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8.1 OS, there are slight delays in the notifications to pop up in a timely fashion. Viber is also available for Blackberry and for desktop users.
  • Using Viber while traveling abroad – Traveling abroad does not imply that you cannot keep in touch with friends and family. With Viber, you can start conversations and share messages no matter where you are located. However, before traveling, make sure to get an international data plan. Else, you might end up paying a large monthly bill. Also, please try to latch on to Wi-Fi networks while using Viber. Likewise, there are many free Wi-Fi hotspots located in countries all over the globe. Viber-to-Viber calls will always be free – regardless of you using it in your hometown or some other exotic destination.

Experience Significant Saving Every Month

When used properly, Viber can help you to experience significant savings every month. Sensing the widespread popularity of such messaging apps, many cellular service providers across the globe is looking for ways to increase the data plan prices while reducing the net data bandwidth offered along with the plans! At the same time, try to keep up with the updates offered by the company. Updates will add new and improved features to the existing app. Also, check out the official support website for any queries.  There is an extensive knowledge base covering most of the issues faced by the users along with the necessary remedial steps.