The most unexpected announcement was made during the E3 2015 show hosted by Microsoft.

No one expected Fallout 4 to get mods! We are not talking about PC here but about consoles which were never the place for modifications.

But, Microsoft, which was considered to be a company that had lost the race in 2013 when they launched an all in one entertainment device named the Xbox One, has now sprung up with amazing fervor. They are definitely huge and not someone who would lose the race so easily, especially with Windows 10 backing them up all the way. During the E3 2015 conference which ended just this week, they had a lot to talk about games and surprisingly spoke about PC gaming as well. It was a pleasant surprise but it reached a peak when Fallout 4 was confirmed to receive mods on the Xbox One console.

Mods on Console for the First Time

This is something that doesn’t happen all the time and the master race has always been proud of possessing the ability to create mods. For many years, Fallout 3 and New Vegas continued to exist mainly because of these modifications that made them look better. It added new content to explore and kept gamers busy for over seven years until Bethesda finally confirmed that Fallout 4 is coming.

They didn’t even wait to reveal it during the E3 2015 conference but rather showed it earlier with a gameplay trailer. The company showed more of the same during the Microsoft Xbox One press conference during which it was confirmed that mods made for the PC version of the game can be downloaded and enjoyed on the console platform.

There is no word on whether Microsoft will restrict players from downloading specific type of mods but it should be a free, non-restricted download for all Xbox players. It looks like PS4 may not get this feature after all because Windows 10 and every other Windows OS is owned by the company that also happens to be the one who has Xbox. Apart from that, it has also received backward compatibility for all Xbox 360 titles.

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