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Muse Will Physically Train Your Brain


There is a gadget known as the Muse that has been gaining some publicity for it’s effects on calming the mind and assisting personal meditation. The device is an operable headband that links up with an application on your iPhone to reduce stress levels and anxiety. Although there are many similar products available that claim to train your brain, few of them are actual physical products that you can wear like the Muse.

According to the official website, the Muse is the first piece of technology of it’s kind to give you real life feedback on the current condition of your mind. Neuroscience is becoming increasingly complex in how it tracks the state of your mood, and this gadget is meant to help induce a state of deep rest that will affect psychological behavior and processes. The technology is also designed to help you build a healthy habit of meditation if you don’t already have it.

Since the brain changes every day, users who try out the Muse will have to calibrate their brain every time they want to use it. After taking an active snapshot of the current state, the application will choose a specific sound to play as you are meditating. If your mind is at peace, calm wind sounds will play. If it is not at peace, then you will hear the winds pick up and rage.

This ingenious design is made possible by how the Muse is constructed. There are 3 reference sensors and 2 forehead sensors built into the band of the muse. Smart ear sensors also help ensure that a full picture of your brain is painted within the programming.

The Muse is guaranteed by top experts as a safe product. It has been certified in accordance with USA, EU, Canadian regulatory standards. The measurements that are used by the Muse are harmless and only function to provide feedback to the Muse about the current state of mind. The information is then transmitted via Bluetooth to the application on your device. Muse’s signals are approximately 100 times less powerful than a standard radio wave from a phone, so it will not leave any effect upon your body.

It is designed to fit your head no matter what activity you may be engaging in. Retractable bands allow you to customize the circumference of the device and ensure that it fits comfortably on the head. This allows for some experimentation with meditation – if you are the type that wishes to practice meditation while engaging in some other form of simple activity, you can identify whether or not you have achieved that status with direct feedback from the Muse app. This is especially helpful if you wish to calm your nerves while practising mental training about a specific scenario. It will help calm your nerves, and present your brain with a method of thought that allows you to overcome anxiety and improve concentration.

The product is designed for anyone who is 16 years or older to use. It can be purchased for a retail price of USD 299.