Axelle Carolyn in CENTURION, a Magnet Release. Photo courtesy of Magnet Releasing
Axelle Carolyn in CENTURION, a Magnet Release. Photo courtesy of Magnet Releasing

Apple has announced the OS X 10.11 El Capitan during the WWDC 2015, which comes with an enhanced overall experience, improved performance and many more.

Currently, a developer preview is available, while the public BETA will be released sometime in July 2015.

Split View

The Mac users can now set applications to run side-by-side. This is a fancy way to resize two windows without having to manually resizing and putting them side-by-side. To use the new feature, you will just need to click on the green dote in the upper left side corner of the first application that you want to resize. After that, you will need to choose what side you want to place it (right or left) and then select the second application that you want to put next to the other application. You can also resize them back by just clicking and dragging the thick black line between the two applications.


Craig Federighi, Apple’s Senior Vice President of Software Engineering, was quite excited about this feature, when he presented it during WWDC, saying that while using El Capitan OS you will find your cursor easier than ever. Just do the usual “shake” like we all normally do when we try to find our mouse point and it will come right out.

While “calling” your cursor, it will temporarily enlarge so that you can spot it faster. Once you stop moving the mouse, it will get back to its normal dimensions.


Spotlight is now returning more accurate and relevant results than before, which includes natural language search. Currently, the feature is working like a charm and it will most likely be even better once public BETA version of El Capital gets released.

It can gather information from your documents, mail, calendar, web history, messages and applications. It even includes weather forecast, web videos and many more.

OS X El Capitan 2


Notes received an overhaul also and now you can embed videos, pictures, audio files and even map locations. You can either drag and drop the file to the Notes application or right click and select “Share->Notes”.


Safari now allows you to mute audio directly from the Smart Search bar. With other words, you will be able to mute any webpage by clicking on the audio icon and selecting the tabs that are currently playing a sound.


Apple’s Mail client has been improved in El Capitan OS. By swiping to the right using the two finger gesture on the trackpack, you will mark the message as unread. In case you swipe to the left, you will send the mail to the trashcan. You can also compose multiple mails at the same time by using the new tab system.

When you receive an email from a friend that has a new contact information inside, you can add these details to their contact card from within the Mail application. You can also add event details such as dinner reservation times, flight number etc.

Likewise Spotlight, Mail search has been improved and now you can search for emails from specific persons by using a sentence such as: “Show me emails from X with attachments”.

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