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Samsung Galaxy S6 Features That You May Not Know About


Samsung has recently introduced its Galaxy S6 which has set their sales to rocket high. Galaxy S6 offers almost same features like iPhone 6 but excels in the performance, and other specifications. The device is so deep and detailed that there are many features that are either overlooked or users never get chance to try them. We have outlined such certain features that you may not know about your Samsung Galaxy S6.

Setup Fingerprints

Just like before, fingerprint sensor is built into the home button but now it is more advanced. You can slightly press it so your device can recognize your fingerprint. You do not need to swipe it anymore to sense your fingerprint. Although setting it up may take a little while but that totally worth it. Follow this path to setup fingerprint sensor: Settings > Lock Screen and Security > Fingerprints. You can store up to four fingerprints for it to remember and recognize.

Activate Smart Lock

If you do not wish to store your fingerprints onto your device then you can give a try to Smart Lock. Galaxy S6 has Android Lollipop’s Smart Lock features that work in a smarter way than you can think. It is a level deeper in Security Lock settings. You can set geographical settings that means whenever you are at your home your device will be automatically unlocked. It also supports trusted devices, for e.g. you can keep it unlocked when it is connected to any of your trusted device via Bluetooth.

Disable Built-in Apps and Services

There are several apps that are provided on default basis and are often not of any use. With your Samsung Galaxy S6, you can easily disable them so they do not appear in the app drawer or work in the background. Some of these apps can be easily uninstalled permanently from your device. This can be easily done with the Edit button on main screen. Just tap the minus (-) sign that appears on top of any app, tapping it will either uninstall it, if it is possible or otherwise it will disable it until you want to re-enable it.

Setting Up Google Voice Detection

Google has a smarter virtual assistant as compared to iPhone’s Siri. You can enable it simply by saying “OK Google.” Configuring it may take a few minutes as it will ask you to say Ok Google several times unless it recognizes your voice. You can configure it by going into Settings and selecting Voice and then Google Detection. You can also activate Personal Results that will enable Google Voice Detection even from lock screen.

Enable Download Booster

Download Booster was initially introduced in Galaxy S5 and continued its legacy onto S6 as well where it is buried into Settings and may get overlooked. For dummies, Download Booster actually boosts up downloading speed by combining Wi-Fi and LTE connection.  To access this amazing feature follow this path: Settings > Download Booster. Turning it on will increase the downloading speed.

Using Multi Window Mode

Not every app supports Samsung’s newly introduced Multi Window mode but those who do, will have a small twin rectangle icon on top of it when you have App Switched opened. You can tap that icon to move the window towards top of the screen and will show recently opened apps that support multi window on bottom half of the screen. You can also long press on multitasking button to move the current app to the top half of the screen, but such app has to be multi window compatible. When you are done just press back and it will be closed to normal mode.