The recent years have seen the markers change drastically and the smartphone world has really made some revolutionary steps as far as growth and development is concerned.

Before the smartphone was launched, there was a constant rumor that this gadget will change the future and for sure, its arrival has seen almost every aspect of our lives change. This is especially in the communication arena, where people no longer heavily depend on landlines as they used to, instead, the use of smartphones has sky-rocketed, especially in the recent past.

One application that took immediate advantage of the introducing of smartphones is Skype. When the smartphone came into being, Skype was already in existence as a PC app. However, the developers of this application launched a smartphone app, which has continuously gained popularity over its course of existence. Using the Skype for mobile app, the users could still access the same services as the PC app, be it voice and video calling or instant messaging and sharing of media files.

The war between Microsoft and Facebook rages on

Microsoft is now the owner of Skype after having bought it in 2011. WhatsApp on the other hand was bought by Facebook last year and the two are really stepping up their competition. Facebook introduced Facebook Messenger which is currently doing great. Microsoft keeps integrating the services of Skype on more platforms than before, for instance, Windows 10, Xbox and other devices. All this is in search of supremacy.

Just at the beginning of this year, Facebook launched WhatsApp Web, which allows the users of WhatsApp to enjoy having conversations on a PC rather than be confined to a phone. This application came in with a few limitations here and there but as it seems, Facebook keeps improving it day by day. This app has received many positive reviews, especially from working individuals who couldn’t keep off their phone just to check on WhatsApp. They claim that they now save more time as they don’t have to leave their PC to go over to a phone just to respond to a WhatsApp notification.

Microsoft on the other hand has been very swift in responding to this as they have immediately launched a new Skype for Web application. Using Skype for Web, the users of this VoIP app will be able to enjoy the same services they get from the mobile and PC app using the web version. It is possible to make voice and video calls from this app as well as send and receive instant messages. At the moment, Skype for Web is still in beta and as such, expect some buggy performance with the web client.

A brief comparison

These applications have almost the same functionality, but they offer different features. While WhatsApp Web only allows the users to exchange messages, Skype for Web brings the whole capability of Skype to the web version. Furthermore, the Facebook-based client uses a QR code to log you in, while the Microsoft-based client uses your Skype ID and password.

It will be very interesting to see how these two go against each other in this competitive market, considering the fact that Skype has around 500 million active users, whereas WhatsApp recently clocked 800 million users.

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