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WhatsApp APK Download for BlackBerry 10 – Voice Calls Improvements


A new WhatsApp update for BlackBerry 10 has just been released. The new WhatsApp version comes with many new features and improvements such as the Voice Calling feature. You will be able to search for individual messages, contacts and chat, by just tapping the search action from the chat list.

The new WhatsApp version for BlackBerry 10 comes also with a new custom ringtone for the incoming WhatsApp Voice Calls. From now on, when you receive a video or a picture, the application will save it to subdirectories, such as the month/year you’ve received the file.

WhatsApp for BlackBerry 10: Features

WhatsApp Voice Calling: From now on, you can make free Voice Calls to all your WhatsApp friends. However, you should be careful, because this feature is using a lot of internet data.
Searching for messages, contacts and chats: By tapping the search button from the chat list, you will be able to search for individual messages, contacts and chats.
Improved Font scaling: The new font matches better the system display font setting of the BlackBerry 10 OS.
Larger map preview: When one of your friends is using the location feature, you will notice that there will be a larger map preview, allowing you to easily see where (s)he is located.
Add to Contacts: “Add to Contacts” context action has been added to the chat list (when you’re chatting with unknown contacts) and to the group info screen (of unknown participants from the group).
Custom ringtone: A new ringtone has been added for incoming WhatsApp Calls.
More fixes and updates.

Installing WhatsApp on BlackBerry 10

WhatsApp is the latest stable version that’s available for BlackBerry 10. This means that you can download and install it from the AppWorld. So, just open the App World, search for WhatsApp and install it on your device.

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