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WhatsApp Encrypted Messages Causing a Problem for the FBI – How Safe Are You?


The world is no longer safe, be it the physical world or the virtual world.

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, there are very high chances that the world’s leading terrorists are leading in the usage of WhatsApp.

One such feared terrorist group if the ISIS and according to the FBI, accessing WhatsApp messages would be a very major step in curbing their actions and to prevent their global spread to other countries. This security organ of the U.S. is asking the WhatsApp and Kik developers to provide it with detailed information about the encrypted data they transmit.

At the moment, the FBI is still trying to keep things under the water as they fear that they might get out of control and jeopardize their efforts. While WhatsApp and a bunch of other instant messaging apps allow the users to write completely what they feel without being monitored, now that matters of “national security” are creeping in, it remains to be questionable whether we will ever be safe with our online communication.

WhatsApp messages are still encrypted despite FBI efforts

Towards the end of last year, WhatsApp merged with Open Whisper Systems in a bid to strengthen the privacy and security issues that were surrounding the app. This was a great move in ensuring that no other user or third party for that matter could have unauthorized access to the messages being transmitted. Now that the FBI has some fears that terrorists might be using the platform to communicate with each other almost changes everything.

However, the latest reports reveal that WhatsApp is reluctant to agree to this move by the FBI as it will be breaching the contract they’ve agreed with millions of its users as far as privacy is concerned. As it stands, the FBI is trying to push through this move with the help of a court order; however, whether WhatsApp will let them access the encrypted data is still unknown.

The bottom line

Well, this is not the first time the FBI has had issues with encrypting data as far as messaging apps are concerned. However, on all occasions the organ has constantly been criticized for their intentions of wanting to watch over every move that people make.

According to Apple CEO Tim Cook, these messaging platforms are usually encrypted simply because the messages that the users exchange are none of anyone’s business except for the persons involved. This helps in keeping the data much more safe and secure. Considering the efforts of the FBI, it is obvious that you will no longer be safe with your messages when chatting on WhatsApp.