WhatsApp will from now on allow the users of Windows Phone devices to make voice calls over the internet, a feature that has only been available for the Android and iOS devices.

When the latest WhatsApp voice calling feature was made public a few months ago, many were very excited about its release date, only to learn that it was first being rolled out to the Android users. This scenario went on for quite some time and the next phase saw the iOS users receive the feature. There are reports that those using BlackBerry 10 can download and install the latest version of WhatsApp which comes with the voice calling feature enabled.

This news has been eluding Windows Phone users, with the Windows Store version only receiving some minor improvements in performance and bug fixes at that same time. However, it seems the developers of WhatsApp are ready to gift those on the Windows platform with a WhatsApp voice calling feature which they can use to keep in touch with each other before this summer.

WhatsApp voice calls on Windows Phone still in beta

The latest version of WhatsApp for Windows Phone that comes with voice calls enabled is not available in the Windows Phone Store. What this implies is that you won’t get this feature by simply updating your app from the app store. This does not also mean that you won’t be able to get this application installed on your phone so as to enjoy the latest WhatsApp feature on Windows Phone.

How to get WhatsApp voice calls beta on Windows Phone

As noted above, the fact that the latest beta version of WhatsApp for Windows Phone cannot be downloaded from the Windows Store doesn’t mean you can’t have the voice calling feature on your device.

The first beta version of WhatsApp for Windows Phone that showed up with the voice calling feature was WhatsApp 2.12.40 beta. This application later received an upgrade that saw two beta versions rolled out in quick succession, WhatsApp 2.12.44 and WhatsApp 2.12.46, with the latter version making further improvements in the voice calling feature as well as adding in some new features.

There is a changed interface where the users now have more options on the home screen. They can call, chat as well as view a list of contacts. Furthermore, the app also made some immense improvements in the WhatsApp Web client, which now works much better with this beta version of WhatsApp. Rather than use Chrome alone, it is now possible to also use Firefox or Opera to access this web client on your PC.

Competitors very much aware of WhatsApp’s development

WhatsApp is not the only application that offers the users with free voice calling services. There are other platforms like Skype, Hangouts, Viber and Line, all of which have some amazing features to showcase. Skype is Microsoft’s and so is Windows Phone. Skype has introduced Skype for Web, which emulates WhatsApp Web in using a web client to access Skype messaging and calling services. Viber on the other hand has been improving its voice calling services day and night. The video calling service now works much better on smartphones than before, which is a huge problem for WhatsApp, considering the fact that it’s the only app in the pack that doesn’t offer video calling services.

WhatsApp video calls around the corner

On this note, there is news that WhatsApp developers will begin working on a video calling feature once everything is well set on Windows Phone as far as voice calls are concerned. This is good news for the more than 800 million people who use the app, but not so good news for competing apps like Skype and Viber.

One problem is that when this WhatsApp video calling feature should be expected is not known. However, keep following us and we’ll update you on when to expect the video calling services on WhatsApp.

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