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WhatsMApp v1.5.3 MOD Download – Unlimited Features and Improvements


WhatsApp is one of the most “cloned” applications out there, and many developers modified its structure to bring more features which have been requested by the fans for so long and they still haven’t received them. The first illegal version of WhatsApp was WhatsApp Plus, but which was taken down from the Google Play store, then other modded applications invaded the internet. One of them is WhatsMApp and its latest version is v1.5.3.

Of course, you won’t find this application on the Google Play store either, so we recommend you to download it from thepsycraft. WhatsMApp is a version of Modded Whatsapp and it was created by Archit Jain, which updated the base to 2.12.94 from WhatsApp’s stable version that was uploaded on the Google Play.

This application is considered much better than WhatsApp Plus and Reborn because it comes with the following features: the possibility to hide the last seen status, the blue tick, the double tick, the typing; you can change the icon, the color of the ActionBar and if your phone runs on Android Lollipop, you can change the color of the Navigationbar and StatusBar. The older Android versions allow changing the icon color of the Notification and the chat balloon colors and text colors. WhatsMApp v1.5.3 is ban-free and it’s the fastest Mode of WhatsApp. It allows you to copy messages without date and name and to copy contact status and phone number; it has image and video quality and sharing limit mods; image and video preview mods and offers group stats.

According to the changelog, there are 5 new app launcher icons; chat balloons coloring mods; chat balloons text coloring mod and the group chat counter is shown as an overlay of participant’s photo. Also, there was added a toast of “Work In Progress” which appears when you are trying to set a password, and the Notification/lock screen notification/sharing outside app crash has been fixed. The updater will work starting from this version, so from now on you will update the application without downloading newer versions from the internet.

Before installing WhatsMApp on your Android device, get the original WhatsApp from the Google Play store, get verified and start chatting with your friends. Create a backup of your chats, uninstall WhatsApp, get WhatsMapp, use the same number to get verified and restore your chats. However, to install WhatsMApp, you will need to enable the Unknown Source option by going to your phone’s Settings and checking the box in front of this feature.