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Yahoo Mail v4.9.2 Free Download – Updated Features and Improvements


In December 2011, Yahoo Mail had over 280 million users, becoming the third-largest web-based email service, after being released in 1997. Yahoo Mail Classic, with the original interface, was available in North America until July 2013, while the beta version of Yahoo Mail was introduced in 2010 and one year later, it became the default interface. In 2012, Yahoo! released a mobile version for Windows 8, Android and iPhones and since you’re looking for the latest version of this application for your Android device, we must inform you that v4.9.2 APK is out and you can get it from various websites, because it’s in beta and can’t be downloaded from the Google Play store.

Yahoo Mail has a lower number of users than Gmail and Hotmail, but those who got the chance to be among the first ones who signed up for Yahoo Mail and found the desired available mail ID, they haven’t changed it since then. At first, they were given only 15GB free cloud storage, but now, they can store up to 1000GB of storage and you will never run out of space, no matter how many messages you’ll send or receive.

Yahoo Mail for Android is very fast, easy to use and to search for contacts, attachments etc. Inside the application, you will have access to other information such as weather, sports scores, headlines etc. The users can send documents, attach photos from the device’s gallery or new ones, while composing a message; get customized alerts when receiving a message; switch between multiple Yahoo accounts; be updated with the latest stories in the News section; get real-time updates for events, flights etc.

If you’ll swipe left or right when you’re min Message View, you will be able to navigate between messages, and from the sidebar you’ll have access to all Folders, Drafts, Sent Mails and Contacts. Also, you can select multiple messages at once and bulk-sort them, plus you’ll be able to read messages in full screen mode.

Yahoo Mail v4.9.2 was released on June 12 and it’s in beta. The latest stable version, which can be downloaded from the Google Play store is 4.8.10, but if you want to enjoy the latest changes, install the beta version, which comes with bug fixes; personalizing options for Yahoo Today; daily horoscope; flight updates with support for Orbitz and Cheap Tickets; real-time updates from online stores (Amazon) when waiting for a product to be shipped.