Apple has come up with some changes in the recent past, and that is one reason there is always some anticipation worldwide.

A big update from Apple includes the ad-blocking extensions in their own browser Safari. They will be reducing the number of mobile ads you saw earlier. What this means for the users is that they can install the Ad-blocker and prevent those annoying ads from appearing. Now you block such ads in Safari, on your Mac and your app store. Mobile ads take up a whole lot of space that could be used for other purposeful activities like playing games, streaming videos, and checking your email.

Advertising Impact

This would be a big change on the Safari users once they start using the browser. The blocking of the ads will prevent more advertisers to take a step back from advertising through Apple as this includes Google. You save more through your browsing experience while also saving money on the use of lesser data and download. The hammer falls on the advertisers who are dependent on broadcasting or publishing their ads that are very crucial for them. This has been a huge improvement for surfers and users and a big downgrade for the big advertisers including that of Google.

Why Google will panic?

It is already well known that iOS limits your ability to display ads on various phones depending on the brand. Once the ad blocker software is released in the market, it will serve as a big boost for users and get tougher for the advertisers as they make a whole lot of money from their advertisements. Google is one big example and as Goldman Sach announced that 75 percent of the Google revenue and mobile search comes from the advertisements that are viewed through default search engine on iOS. Google has been paying a huge amount of money, almost billions of dollars to advertise their products.

Where is Apple’s interest?

According to Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook took interest and targeted companies that are technology-based and are known to be relying on data mining from huge data to monetize operations. Although Cook didn’t say it directly, he was clearly referring to Facebook, Google, and Yahoo. According to them, they are all guilty for collecting data and selling it to the marketers without their knowledge. Through ad-blocking in the Safari, has been a good effort by Apple to stop using or messing with sensitive and personal data. According to many lab reports, Apple’s new app will now rely on iAd that is an operating system that cannot be vanquished with the ad-block software.

Ad-blocking and its effects

There will be a decline in the advertising dollars and generation of revenue with Apple’s 30% of the cut on their ads that are sold on behalf of your producer. So far ad-blocking has been implemented on your desktops and home computer and has slowly passed onto mobiles. According to Apple, the content blocking technique will also allow blocking of images, cookies, resources pop-up ads and any form of other content. At least Apple iAds won’t get screwed by the Ad-blocker update. The reason being, Apple does not produce ads for its browser. iOS allows lesser ads and advertisers the ability to target ads that are based in a specific advertising identifier. You can enable this by going to settings, privacy and advertising as this will help your switch on the ad blocker for your website.

With Apple having more authority to block ads of various kinds, they are certainly on top of their game. There will be more predictions in the future about ad blockers and how they should operate in blocking ads from various other advertisers.

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