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Why You Should Ditch WhatsApp and Download LINE Messenger for Android


There are more than enough mobile messaging apps, with the number always on a constant increase especially in the recent past.

There is no single month that passes by without the introduction of a new instant messaging app. However, there are some apps that have already established their names in the industry, among them are WhatsApp and LINE Messenger. These two have a combined user base of 1.4 billion people from all over the world; however, WhatsApp still tops the charts as far as popularity is concerned.

These two apps are still growing and they are doing so at a very rapid pace. WhatsApp recently introduced a PC client and then later followed it with a voice calling feature. These are features that were already in existence when it comes to LINE Messenger. What it means is that these two are now competing for the same market, looking to become the best provider of instant messaging as well as voice calling services.

Even though WhatsApp and LINE Messenger have some features and services that put them together, they also exhibit some traits that put them miles apart. So, what are these features and services that differentiate these two apps?

WhatsApp Messenger

There is no arguing about the fact that WhatsApp is the leading provider of instant messaging services across the globe. With a user base of over 800 million people, this app allows the users to connect using voice and video messages as well as text and pictures. It can be downloaded and installed on most mobile platforms, which is why it is very popular.

There is no known issue when it comes to connecting WhatsApp users on different platforms. Furthermore, the app has no known issues when it comes to installing on PCs, apart from the fact that the iOS users cannot use it without tweaking settings of their devices.

Using WhatsApp, it is also possible to make free voice calls to other users of the app, however, this feature is still undergoing improvements and bug fixes. As of now, the feature is not one of the best to use for voice calling services. Even though making calls and sending messages on WhatsApp is free, this only happens for the first year. This means that in addition to incurring the costs of internet, you will also be asked to pay a fee of $1 per year to keep using WhatsApp.

The app comes with a clean interface that is very easy to use, which is one of its unique selling points.

LINE Messenger

LINE Messenger is not that different from WhatsApp when it comes to the services it offers. You can still use this app to send and receive free instant messages, be it videos, voice notes, texts or pictures. Other than sending free messages, LINE can also be used to make free voice and video calls, with the latter aspect being the major blow that it gives WhatsApp.

LINE users can enjoy quality live video chats with other LINE users. Furthermore, the app comes with a better sticker collection than WhatsApp, which makes the messaging experience much better than using the Facebook-owned app. There is also the ability to enjoy video conferencing services with up to 50 people on LINE Messenger.

LINE users can play games with each other during calls, which is a good way of removing the monotony of calls and messaging. Unlike WhatsApp which asks for a fee once the first free trial period expires, LINE has no such provisions. After the app is downloaded and installed on your phone, there are no extra charges involved for using the app, be it for a year, five or a lifetime.

When talking about the interface, LINE comes with a similarly clean interface; however, there are more features on the home page when compared to what WhatsApp has. You will come across features like Timeline, Chats, Friends, and More. Under this “More” section, there are more settings for the app and games. Remember that these games are not within this app, you must download them first before playing them.

Bottom line

As you may have noticed, LINE and WhatsApp both are amazing apps. However, the two have their own differences that spell their weaknesses and strongpoints. When put together, it is obvious that LINE has much better things to offer than WhatsApp, but the popularity of WhatsApp means that you are more likely to meet new friends on WhatsApp than on LINE Messenger.