Just recently, Facebook Messenger made an announcement that it will start to allow the use of third party apps within its platform.

Less than a few months into this program and there is already an opportunity to play the first game on Facebook Messenger. In essence, what Facebook is doing is turning its messenger app into a full-blown platform.

Doodle Draw is Facebook Messenger’s first game

Facebook Messenger has more than 600 million followers from all over the globe. These people use this application mostly on the Android and iOS platforms. Henceforth, it will be possible for these groups of persons to play the Doodle Draw game on Messenger. There is a very huge comparison between the Doodle Draw and the famous Draw Something and Pictionary.

Facebook Messenger was made to be a must-have app sometimes last year, something that caused huge waves among users of the mobile app. It seems Facebook had already taken a look at some of the top performing apps from Asia like WeChat and LINE and it was determined to take this route. In the end, it seems everything is working in its favor as more and more people keep joining this platform on a daily basis. The Messenger is now filled with apps, in-app sticker purchases as well as games.

Just like Pictionary, Doodle Draw will give you something to draw and immediately it is scribbled down on the screen, you can send it a friend. What your friend has to do is to guess what you drew and if they are right, both of you are awarded points. While it is true to say that this game is less fun as compared to Draw Something, the key to having fun in these kind of gaming platforms is to play it with fun friends. It will obviously not be a problem to find someone you can play a game with on Facebook Messenger, considering the fact that this app has been downloaded more than 1 billion times already, but in the Google Play Store alone.

LINE, Tango and other Asian apps in huge trouble

Facebook Messenger will not be the first app to serve users with free gaming platforms. The services are already available on platforms like LINE and Tango, among other Asian apps and they have been at the center of the huge following these apps enjoy across the continent and globe in general. Doodle Draw is currently free; however, we might see some in-app purchasing options included in order to unlock more and much better features.

The news that Facebook Messenger will be including in-app purchases, games and apps within its platform is not the best for apps like Tango and LINE, which have been making huge revenues from this area. However, Messenger still has a long way to go before it establishes itself as an all-round app.

How to get started with Doodle Draw

From your Facebook Messenger app list, download Doodle Draw. Tapping on the link in Messenger will direct you to the specific app store of your phone, be it Google Play Store or iTunes App Store. Once the app is installed and ready to use, simply pick any challenge, draw it and then share it with any of your Messenger friends.

Applications Facebook Messenger Introduces Gaming Platforms within the App